Breaking the bubble

Silvia Buonocore, News Editor


Fourteen-year-old Grant Thompson discovered a bug in Apple’s new “Group FaceTime” feature. Thompson attempted to FaceTime with his friend, but his friend did not pick up. Then, Thompson added another friend to the call, causing the first friend’s phone to answer without him knowing. Thompson then reported the bug to Apple, and the company has since disabled the feature in order to fix this major security flaw.

In a recent meeting, the Federal Reserve decided to maintain steady interest rates. This may signal the end of a long series of interest rate increases. During their last meeting, they had predicted continual rises in interest rates, so this latest decision is a large turnaround.



The polar vortex, which is a spinning mixture of cold winds, surrounds the earth every winter. However, earlier this month, the polar vortex split apart and disrupted the natural jet stream. Therefore, cold air from the Arctic has been directed south, and warm air has been directed north, explaining the recent unprecedented freezing weather.

A dam used by the mining company Vale in Brumadinho, Brazil collapsed on Jan. 25, killing at least 84 people and leaving 276 missing. Three Vale employees and two engineers were arrested on the potential charges of participating in homicide, false representation, and environmental crimes.

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