Amid all the controversies, Super Bowl 53 did some things right

Caroline Guthrie, Senior Writer

This year’s anti-climactic Super Bowl came as a surprise, as many thought that the controversies leading up to the game–ranging from a music industry boycott of the halftime show to the missed call at the Saints vs. Rams game–would ensure a thrilling event. However, as the millions of people who viewed the game can attest, the entire event ended up being a lot less exciting, with fewer great commercials and touchdowns than expected. Nevertheless, in the midst of all the slowness and disappointments, there were a few key elements that made this Super Bowl memorable.


The halftime show, which featured Maroon 5 along with Travis Scott and Big Boi, involved beautiful lanterns that spelled out inspirational words such as “endure,” “unify,” and “overcome” that were grouped together to spell “One Love.” This act of unity showed that despite current chaos and tragedy, there is a lot of goodness in this world. The lanterns encouraged us to love, listen, overcome, and persevere through life’s challenges.


In addition to the inspirational lanterns flying in the stadium, the Super Bowl also featured a large number of charity donations that demonstrated significant steps in the right direction. Maroon 5 donated $500K to charity and no performers received payment for their part in the halftime show. Celebrities have the influence and economic means to make a difference, and Maroon 5’s contribution showed they are using their power and influence for good.


On the football side, although the lowest-scoring game in Super Bowl history can be described as “boring” and “uneventful,” it can also be described as one of the best defensive games on record. Both defenses played a remarkable contest, with neither team scoring a touchdown until the fourth quarter. It was fascinating to watch each team try to make it down the field to score a touchdown, only to fail each time (obviously until the last quarter). It was certainly a unique and unexpected football game as it showed the strength and importance of a team’s defense.


There were many disappointments in this year’s Super Bowl, including the less-than-exciting commercials and weak performances by the singers; however, in a time of great inequity and hardship in the United States, it is important to realize the ability that sports have to bring people together. There was a lot that the Super Bowl did right, and both teams fought very hard until the end.

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