Therapy dogs visit Bertrand Library

Holly Burns, Contributing Writer

Therapy dogs visited Bertrand Library on Feb. 11 as a way for students to relieve their stress and be reminded of their adored animals that they have at home. The therapy dogs program is sponsored by the University’s Counseling & Student Development Center, which holds several events to aid student stress and provide care for students during their time at the University.


The Susquehanna Trail Dog Training Club trains and brings the dogs on their visits to the University. In addition to their time spent at Bertrand, the therapy dogs visit sick patients at local hospitals, as well as stressed students at other nearby universities.


The therapy dogs visit campus a few times per semester, including during finals week and often a few weeks after students return from winter break. Students are able to hang out with the dogs and talk with their owners. Many of the same furry friends consistently come to visit campus, so students are happily greeted by the familiar, lovable animals and the owners they have become acquainted with during previous visits.


Buddy is one of the most popular dogs who comes on these therapy dog visits. He is well-known to students not only for coming during these visits, but also for attending many of the University’s sporting events with his owner. He is a familiar face for both athletes and non-athletes on campus.


Therapy dogs comfort students in many different ways. Raegan Dunwoodie ’22 and Emilene Parham ’22, members of the women’s soccer team, frequent the therapy dogs when they are available on campus. The two are very familiar with Buddy, as he attends almost all of their home games, and they were excited to visit the rest of the therapy dogs as well on Monday night.


“They are a good way to relax and de-stress after completing homework,” Dunwoodie said. “They remind people of their loved pets back home.”


Parham had similar sentiments, adding that “the therapy dogs are a great way to de-stress students after studying because they are very calm and remind us of our pets.”


The dogs will likely visit again later in the semester around the finals period to provide stress relief from students’ hectic lives.

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