Let’s get physical: Fitness opportunities on and off campus

By Bel Carden, Contributing Writer

Trying to get into shape for summer? Looking for a change in your workout routine? There are many new and exciting fitness opportunities offered both on and off campus for you to explore!


Lewisburg Yoga Studio


Lewisburg Yoga Studio was started in 2011 by owner Beatriz Benedit and has been providing the public with a chance to experience the health benefits of yoga ever since. Benedit explains her goal as creating “a positive space where all can gather!”


“Yoga is a great practice that can help enhance your life by balancing the energy flow within you,” she continued.


By regularly practicing yoga, you can improve not only physical health but also your mental and spiritual health. Lewisburg Yoga offers individuals with the opportunity to experience many different types of yoga, at $12 per class, or packages ranging from $95 for 10 classes, or $170 for 20 classes. The studio also offers a year-long membership of unlimited classes for $700.


“I teach yoga classes at the studio in town, and for me, I love connecting with the community and guiding them through practice. I get to work with students, Lewisburg residents, and all kinds of interesting people which is something I enjoy about working off campus. At Yoga Dear, we offer a variety of classes and teachers that focus on yoga philosophy, calming the mind, moving the body, and having fun,” Sierra Meggitt ’20 said.


Lewisburg Yoga Studio offers a wide range of class-types. They offer Flow Yoga, which is described as a linkage of breath and movement that energizes your mind, body, and spirit in a relaxed, welcoming environment. At the conclusion of all Flow Yoga classes, there is a period of deep relaxation, where poses are held for longer periods of time. Power Yoga, which focuses on incorporating core and cardio into the workout, is another option.


“It’s my happy place! I started going the beginning of this year after quitting sports and it has taught me a lot about yoga but also the mind connection that goes with yoga. I tell all my friends to check it out because it is such a gem!” Eleanor Hagan ’19 said.


Benedit believes yoga will allow you to, “feel your mind, your body and your spirit growing stronger as you attune yourself.” The Lewisburg Yoga Studio is located on 455 South Derr Dr. in downtown Lewisburg and can also be reached by phone at 570-768-8801.


Trot Fitness


Trot Fitness offers multiple health and fitness opportunities from personal training, sports performance, nutrition, dance fitness, and boot camp. The fitness center was founded in 2011 by Nisan Trotter ’05 and his wife Yorelis Trotter.


Trot Fitness’ mission is to create a model of fitness-based teamwork, camaraderie, and support. Many members have claimed that they feel like family when they walk through the door.


Trot Fitness is known for its boot camp programs, offered six days of the week. These sessions are at most 45 minutes in duration and focus on burning calories and fat in a short time frame. Through filling out the membership form on their website, www.trotfitness.com, you can discover the many workout options and choices offered at Trot Fitness. Maybe you too can become “Trotternized,” a term used by Trot Fitness in reference to those dedicated to the program.




Another fitness opportunity is offered right here on campus in the University’s gym, the Kenneth Langone Athletics & Recreation Center.


The gym is open every day of the week and offers a wide variety of classes throughout days and evenings. The classes offered at the KLARC range from yoga and core strength to more trendy options such as spin or barre burn.


The group fitness classes are taught by experienced instructors and welcome beginner, intermediate, and advanced members. Instructors are trained to adjust the class format to suit the needs of all participants. You can sign up for these classes using the Bison Rec App, and signups open an hour before the start time of every class.


Lucy Herring ’19 teaches a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class at the University. She describes that HIIT is intended to spike your heart rate and increase your metabolism to burn more calories in a shorter period of time.


“I love teaching HIIT classes at Bucknell because it brings me so much joy to see people taking an hour of their day to sweat and feel good, and hopefully carrying that positive energy with them throughout the week. Over the course of the class, I’ve definitely noticed a group of regulars which has been really fun because I get to know their likes and dislikes, but I also love seeing new faces and it makes me so happy to see someone smiling after their first HIIT experience!” Herring said.


Students only need their University ID to access the gym and members of the Lewisburg community can reference the University’s website for information on becoming a member of the KLARC.



The Lewisburg Yoga Studio, Trot Fitness, and the KLARC are just some of the many fitness organizations and opportunities offered right around the corner from campus. From yoga and boot camp, to endless possibilities offered as KLARC, it has never been easier to get in shape!

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