Campus gathers for Day of Action in support of Green New Deal


Elise Covert, Print Managing Co-Editor

Over 60 members of the University and Lewisburg community gathered on the steps of the Rooke Science Center on Feb. 26 to show support for the Green New Deal, a comprehensive plan introduced by Democrats in Congress to address climate change and economic equality. Supporters wore green and held the event in a coordinated Day of Action organized nationwide by the Sunrise Movement. The group tweeted at Pennsylvania Senators Pat Toomey and Bob Casey, encouraging them to vote “yes” on the resolution.


The gathering was associated with Green New Deal Lewisburg, whose members include University Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Andrew Stuhl. Stuhl emphasized how important it is for congressional representatives to understand the resolution, the issues behind it, and how important it is to community members at the University and the greater Lewisburg area as a stepping stone to “a just, sustainable future.”


“This is a bold resolution addressing issues that, when taken in isolation, are typically considered intractable – global climate change, the fossil fuel economy, and historical and ongoing social injustice,” Stuhl said. “The broader campus community should know that there are students, staff, faculty, administrators, and Lewisburg residents who take these issues seriously and see the Green New Deal as an opportunity to transform them all, together.”

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