Trans* Affirming Statement and Declaration of Inclusion

A Statement from the University’s Women’s and Gender Studies Department:

Transgender, gender non-binary, gender-queer, and intersex individuals deserve full protection under the law. We in Women’s and Gender Studies and the signatories below stand in opposition to administrative and legislative efforts seeking to erase transgender protections through the creation of new policies, the reinterpretation of existing regulations, and the revocation of legal recognition. The proposed federal policies that intend to define gender “on a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable” threaten the citizenship, efficacy, and safety of trans*, gender non-conforming, and intersex individuals.* This proposed policy of erasure is part of a larger attack on various vulnerable and disenfranchised communities, especially targeting those among us with multiple marginalized identities.

Given recent events—the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, the shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, the deaths of children at the southern border, to name just a few—we feel it is important to publicly affirm our commitment to inclusion for all. The Department of Women’s and Gender Studies seeks to create a productive learning environment for all students, in which difference is recognized and our intersectional contributions valued. We draw our inspiration and politics from Audre Lorde: “We have been taught to either ignore our differences, or to view them as causes for separation and suspicion rather than forces for change. Without community there is no liberation, only the most vulnerable and temporary armistice between an individual and her oppression. But community must not mean a shedding of our difference, not the pathetic pretense that these differences do not exist” (from “The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House”). We intend to foster a community derived from the recognition of difference in which our individual liberation depends upon the liberation of everyone. We invite all those in the Bucknell community to join us in our efforts.*


* The scientific community disputes the supposed “science” behind the proposed gender redefinition.

* Thanks to the Trans Studies Initiative, University of Arizona: their statement acted as a model for ours.




Erica Delsandro, WGS

Coralynn Davis, WGS

Jenna Christian, WGS

Nikki Young, WGS

Sue Reed, WGS

Martha Shaunessy, WGS

Ann Tlusty, History

Bill Flack, Psychology

Stephanie Larson, Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies

Vanessa Massaro, Geography

Collin McKinney, Spanish

John Bravman, President

Karen Altendorf, Sociology/Anthropology/WGS

Anna Paparcone, Languages, Cultures and Linguistics (Italian Studies)

John Rickard, English

Sheila Lintott, Philosophy

Janine Glathar, Library & IT

  1. Cymone Fourshey History and International Relations

Beeta Baghoolizadeh, History and Africana Studies

Carrie Pirmann, Library & IT

Joseph Scapellato, English

Julie Gates, Biology

Abby Flynt, Mathematics

Will Kerber, Chemistry

Richard Kedzior, MIDE

Deirdre O’Connor, Writing Center

Loren Gustafson, Writing Center

Tom Solomon, Physics & Astronomy

Carl Kirby, Geology

Ashli Baker, Classics

Mehmet Dosemeci, History

Tammy Bunn Hiller, Management and Organizations

Meenakshi Ponnuswami, English

Polly Doyle, Mathematics

Barry Long, Music

Karline McLain, Religious Studies and Arts & Sciences Dean’s Office

James Baish, Biomedical Engineering

Courtney Paddick, Library & IT

Virginia Zimmerman, English

Eric Martin, Management

Katharina Vollmayr-Lee, Physics & Astronomy

Alan Cheville, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Lucas Waddell, Mathematics

Paul Barba, History

Chris Magee, Economics

Laura Lanwermeyer, Teaching & Learning Center

Sarah Smith, Chemistry

Doug Hecock, Political Science

Matthew Baltz, Sociology & Anthropology

Katie Faull, Comparative Humanities and Languages, Cultures and Linguistics (German Program)

Kevin Daly, Classics & Ancient Mediterranean Studies

Jamie Hendry, Management & Organizations

Wendy Wright, Mechanical Engineering

Lea Wittie, Computer Science

Greg Pask, Biology

Yunjing Xu, EAST

Keith Buffinton, Office of the Provost and Mechanical Engineering

James A Van Fleet, Library & IT

Sharon Garthwaite, Mathematics

Katie Hays, English

David Kelley, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Ira Brown, English

Dee Casteel, Chemistry

William Kenny, Music

Alicia Hayashi Lazzarini, Geography

Gary Steiner, Philosophy

David Kristjanson-Gural, Economics

Karl Voss, Arts & Sciences Deans Office

Bernhard Kuhn, LCL, Italian Studies

DeeAnn Reeder, Biology

Dan Heuer, Library & Information Technology

Adam Schwartz, ACFM

Liza Williams, Political Science

Amy Golightly, Education

Adrian Mulligan, Geography

Reggie Gazes, Psychology and Animal Behavior

Daniel Heifetz, Religious Studies

Kenny Mineart, Chemical Engineering

Kelly Bickel, Mathematics

Emily Stowe, Biology

Mary Beth Gray, Geology and Environmental Geosciences

David Rojas, Latin American Studies

Janet VanLone, Education

Sabrina Kirby, Writing Center

Tim Kracker, Registrar’s Office

Kate Toner, Biology

Joe Hass, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Owais Gilani, Mathematics

Eliza Congdon, Psychology

Nancy Frazier, Library & IT

Jennifer Kosmin, History

Michelle Johnson, Sociology and Anthropology

Georgina Dodge, Associate Provost for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Clare Sammells, Sociology and Anthropology

Kris Trego, Classics & Ancient Mediterranean Studies

Ken Field, Biology

Karen Castle, Arts & Sciences Dean’s Office

Sue Ellen Henry, Education

Rachel Landsman, Economics

Roger Rothman, Art and Art History

Vivienne Wildes, Management

Sarah MacKenzie-Dawson, Education

Abe Feuerstein, Education

John Penniman, Religious Studies

Michael Krout, Chemistry

Eric Santanen, Markets, Innovation, and Design

Marie Pizzorno, Biology

Kylie Seward, Accounting and Finance

Xiannong Meng, Computer Science

Matt McTammany, Biology & Environmental Studies

Sarah Lower, Biology

  1. Felipe Perrone, Computer Science

Steve Jordan, Biology

Ben Vollmayr-Lee, Physics & Astronomy

Andrea Leithner Stauffer, Office of Financial Aid

Soundarya Chidambaram, Political Science

Dabrina Dutcher, Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

Stuart Young, Religious Studies

Mai-Linh Hong, English

Nina Banks, Economics

Jennie Stevenson, Psychology

Robert Rosenberg, English

Jim Lavine, Linguistics

Tulu Bayar, Department of Art and Art History

Erik R. Lofgren, East Asian Studies

Stephen Appiah-Padi, Global Education

Rosalie Rodriguez, Multicultural Student Services

Debra Balducci, Library & IT

Pam Benfer, Provost’s Office

Ellen Chamberlin, Geology and Environmental Geosciences

Matthew Higgins, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Janet Jones, Classics & Ancient Mediterranean Studies

George Exner, Mathematics

Greg Clingham, Bucknell University Press

Adam Burgos, Philosophy

Morgan Benowitz-Fredericks, Biology

Bethany Collier, Music


Kevin Myers, Psychology

Daniel Temkin, Music (Lecturer)

  1. Laura Beninati, Mechanical Engineering

Saundra Kay Morris, English

Harold Schweizer, English

Chris Boyatzis, Psychology

Hasan Arslan, Chemistry

Dustyn Martincich, Theatre and Dance

James T. Pearson, Biology

Paul Susman, Geography & Latin American Studies

Erdogan Bakir, Economics

Margaret Cronin, Writing Center

Greg Adams, Mathematics

Molly McGuire, Chemistry

Bryan M. Vandevender, Theatre & Dance

Brian Utter, Physics & Astronomy

Michael James, Political Science

Anna Kell, Art & Art History

Mihai Banciu, Freeman College of Management Dean’s Office

Peter Wilshusen, Environmental Studies and Sciences

KB Boomer, Mathematics

Eddy A. López, Art & Art History

Lisa Perrone, Languages, Cultures and Linguistics (Italian Studies)

Margaret Marr, Provost’s Office

Anjalee Hutchinson, Theatre and Dance

Karen M. Morin, Provost’s Office

Nathan Ryan, Mathematics

Kathryn Maguet, Weis Center for the Performing Arts

Elizabeth Durden, Sociology & Anthropology

Deborah Abowitz, Sociology & Anthropology

Heather Haynos, Spanish

Andrea Halpern, Psychology

Peter McNamara, Mathematics

Ellen Herman, Geology

Bill Conley, Enrollment Management

Isabella O’Neill, Library & IT

Benjamin Wheatley, Mechanical Engineering

Fernando A. Blanco, Spanish & LAMS

Ronald D. Ziemian, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Judith Grisel, Psychology & Neuroscience

Katelyn N. Allers, Physics & Astronomy

Moria C. Chambers, Biology

Elena Machado, English

Mark Spiro, Biology

Lindsay Herling, Psychology

Lynn Breyfogle, A&S Dean’s Office

Mizuki Takahashi – Biology & Animal Behavior

Missy Gutkowski, Freeman College of Management

Duane Griffin, Geography

Amanda Wooden, Environmental Studies

Gretchen Croteau, University Advancement

John Westbrook, Languages, Cultures & Linguistics

Nathalie Dupont, French/Languages, Cultures and Linguistics

Abbey Scheckter, University Advancement

Steven Stumbris, Small Business Development Center

Matthew Slater, Philosophy

Heather Fowler, Office of Accessibility Resources

Brianne Croteau, University Advancement

Amy Bennett, Freeman College of Management

Hava Turkakin, Physics & Astronomy

Katy Koser, Housing and Residential Education

Cynthia Peltier, President of Senior Bucknellians

Jay Goodale, History

Lynn Pierson, Office of Civic Engagement

Kaitlin Wagner, Office of Alumni Relations

Jennifer Holdren, Office of the Provost

Kari Conrad, Student Affairs

Brenna Powell, Outdoor Education & Leadership

Emily Paine, Communications

Evelyn Baca, Education

Jason Leddington, Philosophy

Kacey McKnight, Office of Civic Engagement

Andrew Ciotola, Stadler Center for Poetry / Bucknell

Kim Thompson, University Advancement, Office of Alumni Relations

Arts Council

Elaine Williams, Theatre and Dance

Chris Camuto, English/Creative Writing

Erin Jablonski, Chemical Engineering

  1. Guerrero, Spanish and LAMS
    Robert Gutierrez, Sponsored Projects

Elizabeth Capaldi, Biology and Animal Behavior

Patti Flannery, Alumni Relations

Ryan LeBreton, Communications

Emily Dietrich, Career Development Center

Kim Daubman, Department of Psychology

Amy McCready, Dept. of Political Science

Brent Papson, CAP Center

Sarah Bell, Career Development Center

Todd Leister, Alumni Relations

Kelly Knox, Theatre and Dance

Gary Grant, Professor of Theatre Emeritus

Benjamin Hoover, Library & IT

Megan Adams, Career Development Center

Jill Hallam-Miller, Library & IT

Mala Sharma, Mechanical Engineering

Jasmine Mena, Psychology

Andrew Stuhl, Environmental Studies and Sciences

Robert Nickel, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Andy Hirsch, Communications

Renée Gosson, LCL, French & Francophone Studies

Kathleen Graham, University Advancement

Kevork Horissian, Institutional Research & Planning

Ann DiStefano, University Advancement

Michelle Richardson, Office of Sponsored Projects

Cynthia Ray, Library and IT

Tom Cassidy, Mathematics Department and Provost’s Office

Joshua Wilkinson, Admissions

Maria Balcells, Philosophy

Jason Snyder, Library and IT

Elif Miskioglu, Chemical Engineering

Carmen Gillespie, English and Griot Institute

Mary K. Schramm, Facilities

Richard Alexander, Athletics

Sue Conway, Provost’s Office

Matthew Heintzelman, Biology

Julie Guinn-Bailey, Spanish & East Asian Studies

Kristen Rarig, Accessibility Resources

Pam Dailey, Bucknell University Press

Martha H. Verbrugge, History (Emerita)

John Hunter, Comparative Humanities

Bonnie Smith, Music

Emily Dryden, Mathematics Department

Ned Searles, Sociology & Anthropology

Tanya Williams, University Dietitian

Amy H Baker, University Advancement

Ali Karjoo-Ravary, Religious Studies

Tonya Walter, Bucknell Student Health

Crystal Bucher, Bucknell Student Health

Catherine O’Neil, Bucknell Student Health

Matt Gardzina, Library & IT

Kim Councill, Music

Michael Drexler, English

J.T. Fry, Mathematics

Rebecca Meyers, Film/Media Studies

Bill McCoy, LGBTQ Resources

Dave Surgala, Finance and Administration

Kelly Kettlewell, Counseling & Student Development Center

Jeff Trop, Geology and Environmental Geosciences Department

James Mark Shields, Comparative Humanities

Joe Meiser, Art and Art History


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