Introducing the student-led publications

Sara Wilkerson , Contributing Writer

As the spring semester comes to a close, writers and artists of the University community will have produced projects that stem from classes and clubs on campus. For those interested in showcasing their works – whether it be essays, photos, paintings, or poems – the University community has many student-run publications that afford students the opportunity to publish their works.


“BE Magazine,” “The Humanities Review,” and “Confetti Head” are among those that serve the interests of the University’s student body – all the while remaining driven by students.


BE Magazine–Fashion, Arts & Culture

Originally started in 2015 as a fashion-driven magazine titled “BE Fashion,” the Bucknell Editorial Magazine, now known as “BE Magazine,” serves the University community as a student-run magazine geared towards not only fashion but also arts and culture. The magazine publishes issues every semester through departmental collaborations with student editors, writers, photographers, as well as hair and makeup artists.


According to BE Magazine Departmental Head of Fashion Emily McCarthy ’19, the magazine strives to “serve as a hub for culture, arts, [and] fashion for Bucknell students, highlighting what ideas are important and trending for the Bucknell community [every] semester.”


The production of each “BE Magazine” issue is an enriching experience for those involved. “We [the BE magazine staff] all take our roles seriously but have so much fun in the process of putting together an issue every semester,” McCarthy said. “Being a part of this publication has been a highlight of my time at Bucknell.”


For those who would like to get involved, writing submissions for “BE Magazine” is not limited to specific topics; rather, submissions have the freedom of creativity. Topics that have been published in the past include a history of pop-up shops and hip-hop artist Gucci Mane.


Looking towards the publication’s future, McCarthy hopes that the magazine’s reach will benefit those beyond the campus bubble. “I hope to see the publication continue to introduce new topics of conversation, challenge ideas, and promote a sense of individuality … I hope BE Magazine continues to promote well-rounded inclusivity of the student body and remain current in terms of content relating to arts, culture, and fashion,” McCarthy said.


For inquiries on how to get involved or submit to BE magazine, students are encouraged to direct message the publication’s Instagram, via @be_magazine_.


The Humanities Review Student Journal – humanistic essays


“The Humanities Review” (THR) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes analytical essays relating to the humanities. Whether essays are about the social sciences, the humanities, or the arts in general, the journal works with authors to publish quality academic work. THR is cataloged in the Library of Congress, allowing students both on and off campus to have their works read on a national scale.


The operations of the THR are run by the journal’s student president Shishir Budha ’20, a Philosophy major who has been involved with the journal for the past year and a half. “Being involved in the journal is a very educational process. I have learned quite a lot about just how difficult the editorial process [can be],” Budha said.


In conjunction with working alongside faculty adviser, Assistant Professor of English Kat Lecky, the journal meets on a bi-weekly basis to peer review and edit submissions, as well as copy edit for formatting the journal’s print layout.


Grayson Kennedy ’19, an art history major and a managing editor of THR, said that she initially joined the journal in the Fall 2018 semester as part of a course for her Arts Entrepreneurship minor, but has stayed on the journal’s staff since.


I love the publication staff. We’ve had some great members move on but have also been joined by some awesome new people … It’s fascinating to edit the submitted essays, and for me personally, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the whole process,” Kennedy said.


For those interested in submitting their work to THR, PDFs of essays can be submitted by email to [email protected].


Confetti Head – literature and visual arts


What started as a class project has turned into an entirely student-run literature publication. Born out of Assistant Professor Joe Scapellato’s Fall 2018 class entitled The Writing World, “Confetti Head” serves the University’s art community as an online literary magazine.

The mission of “Confetti Head,” as articulated by Leah Chrisbacher ’20, a Literary Studies and Political Science double major and editor of Confetti Head, is to “provide a creative space on campus for people who are interested in the arts on all levels – whether that be as a professional career or just a hobby. Literary and art journals can be kind of intimidating, so we do our best to present ourselves as accessible, friendly, and honestly just a group of nerds who are all passionate about the same thing.”


“Confetti Head” accepts submissions in the literary and visual arts. As described by one of the co-founders of the publication, Caitlin Friel ’19, a Literary Studies and German double major, the publication does not look for a particular aesthetic, but rather for originality and unconventional works to showcase. With the online medium, the publication is able to publish “photography, digital art, or graphic design … but we have also published high-resolution images of paintings,” Friel said.


Friel added that the magazine’s accessibility online serves as the publication’s way of being, “sustainable in the long-term” by increasing the readership of the magazine. “Anyone with Internet access can read Confetti Head,” Friel said. “We’re doing this not just for Bucknellians, but as a way to bridge the gap between our community and the greater literary world.”


For anyone looking to submit to Confetti Head, they can email their work to [email protected]. To check out Confetti Head’s website, go to


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