The Offbeats Spring Concert held in Bucknell Hall

Caroline Buck, Contributing Writer

The Offbeats held their annual Spring Concert on April 7. The fifteen-member student a cappella group performed at 4 p.m. in Bucknell Hall, kicking off the show with a rendition of Bruno Mars’ “The Lazy Song.” Their songs ranged in genre and style, including “Crazy,” “Power of Love,” “Movement,” and “Go Your Own Way.”


Founded in the Spring of 2011, the Offbeats are one of the three co-ed a cappella groups at the University. Their members are involved in a number of additional activities on campus, ranging from athletics to stand-up comedy; however, they are all “held together by music,” according to the event’s pamphlet. Deanna Goudelias ’19, who has been a member all four years of her time at the University, describes the Offbeats as a group that has “given me my best friends and my most treasured experiences at Bucknell. The Offbeats are the most inclusive, appreciative, and accepting people I have ever come to know.”


Months of planning and practice went into organizing the concert. As the group’s music director, Goudelias compiled many of the arrangements; however, everyone in the group participated. “We learned more arrangements this semester than we have ever learned before and we put all of our heart and soul into our performance,” Goudelias said. “We had so much fun performing with each other and were so happy to share our hard work with the audience.”


As this was the final concert of the year for the Offbeats, it was the very last performance for the crew’s three seniors: Goudelias, Jeanine Shea, and Payton Johnson. To commemorate the special event, each senior sang as the lead on a song, with Goudelias singing “Hercules,” and Shea and Johnson joining forces on “Towers.” Members of the group also took some time between numbers to share memories and kind words about the three seniors.


“Well, this concert was really exciting because we had so many new arrangements and had worked really hard leading up to it, but it was also really sad because we’re losing seniors,” Emma Stone ’22 said.


To close the show, the group invited several of their alumni up on stage to sing alongside them. Together, they all sang “Let It Be,” a beloved Offbeats concert tradition.


“The concert on Sunday meant the world to me. I had been dreading it because I did not want my time with the Offbeats to come to a close. However, I could not be more proud of how we did,” Goudelias said.


Rebecca Epstein ’21 greatly enjoyed the concert. “The concert was very entertaining and showed how passionate and versatile each of the singers was. My favorite song was ‘Crazy’ because everyone was very connected and in sync and it showed a large range of sounds and beats,” she said.


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