Greek Sing competition concludes 2019 Greek Week

Avery Blasko, Contributing Writer

Every sorority and fraternity chapter on campus gathered in Davis Gym on April 5 for the culminating event of Greek Week: Greek Sing. Greek Sing is an annual competition in which all of the sororities and fraternities are randomly paired off to present a dance to a panel of judges, who then determine a winner.


The judges of this year’s competition were Dean of Students Amy Badal, Associate Dean of the Freeman College of Management Ivy Kepner, Associate Dean of Students for Living, Learning, and Leadership Darren Jones, Visiting Assistant Professor of Finance Karen McGrath, and Director of Campus Activities and Student Organizations Mike Duignan.


“Greek Sing represents a wonderful opportunity for the Greek organizations to collaborate on a fun activity that overall represents a chance to further support their individual philanthropies,” Amy Yowell ’21, a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, said.


This year’s winning team was comprised of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, Alpha Chi Omega sorority, and Delta Zeta sorority.


Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Zeta and Alpha Chi Omega’s team arranged an entertaining dance to a medley of current pop songs. Kappa Alpha Theta sorority and Chi Phi fraternity’s team danced to a compilation of Queen songs, complete with three students portraying the band’s lead singer, Freddie Mercury. Other memorable moments included Chi Omega sorority and Phi Gamma Delta fraternity’s team starting their dance to “Barbie Girl” by Aqua and Kappa Delta Rho fraternity and Alpha Xi Delta sorority’s team dancing to “Hey Ya” by OutKast.


The event ended in a dance-off, as there was a tie for first between Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Zeta, and Alpha Chi Omega’s team and Kappa Alpha Theta and Chi Phi’s team. The final dance-off song was “Party in the U.S.A.” by Miley Cyrus. The judges then decided that Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Zeta, and Alpha Chi Omega’s team deserved the Greek Sing trophy.


The event is made to bring all of the pledge classes across various chapters together. “It was really great to see everyone coming together with their organizations in a fun competition, and was a great end to Greek Week,” Talia Housman ’21 said.


The organizations can also win points to go toward a victory in Greek Week. The week was kicked off with Go Greek, in which every organization has an activity to share with potential new members as well as community members and faculty at the University. Other events held during the week that the organizations could participate in included trivia and dodgeball to support the philanthropy of the Panhellenic Council and the InterFraternity Council. Greek Week also included the campus visit of Aly Raisman. Raisman, a two time U.S. Olympic gymnast and medalist, was invited to speak by the Student Lectureship Committee. She delivered a powerful talk on her experience in the Olympics, as well as her personal experience with abuse. She spoke about respecting others and their bodies, warning signs to spot an abuser, and how she is personally allowing herself to recover, both mentally and physically. Each organization was encouraged to participate in events to support their own nationals, as well as the Panhellenic Council and the InterFraternity Council.

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