PataGOIN’ green: Patagonia’s green vests and its customers


Graphics by Olivia Braito.

Lauren McDermott, Contributing Writer

Patagonia Inc., recognizable for its preppy, adventure-oriented fashion, is now focusing on how to create a better tomorrow. Recently regulating its corporate logo vests, which are seen often on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley,  Patagonia won’t supply products to just anyone through its corporate sales program. Instead, sticking to its roots, the company will only supply corporate apparel to environmentally conscious businesses.


In the past, Patagonia created gear for many companies without concern for their values. However, Patagonia executives believe in improving how we treat the environment. They are hopeful for a domino effect that will push other companies to go green.


By improving its client list (i.e., adding companies with similar environmental and sustainable values), the Patagonia company is making a strong effort to create a positive difference in promoting a greener planet. Many of these green companies are B corporation certified, which is reserved for businesses that meet standards of social and environmental performance. Patagonia itself has been certified as a B Corp and aims to grow the number of other companies on the list by setting a positive example.


Customers and Patagonia vest enthusiasts should not fear for their fleeces or puffers disappearing any time soon. Patagonia’s vests, jackets, and pullovers have become almost uniform in the tech and finance worlds and are not going away. In fact, existing corporate customers will remain in the program and still be able to order branded items from Patagonia. Not only does Patagonia support sustainability, but it also supports organizations devoted to positive change. The brand proudly advertises the fact that a certain percentage of their sales goes toward funding activists and groups who “take radical and strategic steps to protect habitat, wilderness, and biodiversity.”


As a Patagonia customer myself, I can testify that their high-quality products get me through my cold Lewisburg winters while providing a sense of comfort in my place of work and in class. Along with that, this new environmentally-friendly change is one that I can support. Our generation must recognize that climate change is a very real issue, especially in the realm of consumerism, technology, and fashion. We are a consumer capitalist society that buys and buys and buys. Brands like Patagonia who highlight the capability of the natural world for what they were made for through their categories of products – surfwear, snow wear, and more – is why Patagonia makes its merchandise. Although it is not realistic for all brands to have the same values, brands similar to Patagonia that value travel and adventure in its purest forms should consider greener alternatives.


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