Cool Things You Didn’t Know You Could Make in 7th Street Studio & MakerSpace

By Libby Darrell, Contributing Writer

You may have wondered, where’s the most creative place on campus?


While there may be several places at the University that foster creativity – including the Weis Center for the Performing Arts, Tustin Studio Theatre, and the Art Building, to name a few – one of the most well-known is the 7th Street Studio & MakerSpace.


Its mission, according to the MakerSpace website, is to “provide a safe and inclusive environment for students to express their creativity, develop life skills and collaborate with others all while utilizing premier resources and technology.”


Sabrina Shankar, Assistant Director of Campus Activities and Programs (CAP), says the space is “kind of a hidden treasure” that is “growing in popularity in every day!” The studio has “everything from posters, ceramics, painting supplies, jewelry, [to] sewing machines,” Shankar said. The studio has a “laser cutter, 3D printers, a vacuum former, vinyl cutter (FREE Stickers!) and a t-shirt press!” Students are even allowed to reserve the space to work on a project, host a club meeting, or participate in a special event.


Shankar’s favorite MakerSpace event this year was a marble resin coaster class. “We transformed ordinary wooden coasters into awesome marbleized designs using resin,” Shankar said. “Another popular event in the space is our Bob Ross and Hot Sauce where we play a Bob Ross video on the wall, paint on canvases, and eat a variety of hot wings … all for free!” Recently, the staff has added a fused glass succulent class, a University Bison stained glass class, and special pottery classes – all of which are big hits.


In addition to learning from the mentors and facilitators in the space, you can learn from professionals. “We bring in professional artists to teach glass classes, pottery, painting, sewing and more!” Shankar said.


One of the best parts about the space is its ability to allow freedom of thought. “You really never know what next great idea is coming through the door! Whether it’s a Management 101 class building an entire space exhibit for a children’s museum, a Digital Fabrication class 3-D printing head busts of themselves, a sorority decorating mason jars for Big/Little gifts, or someone creating an amazing sculpture out of clay, the space is always filled with high energy and amazing projects,” Shankar said.


The space even has a custom-made Bluetooth speaker, which was constructed entirely out of laser cut wood and 3-D printed parts. As of last semester, the MakerSpace has also added a t-shirt press, allowing students to create their own designs and print them on shirts. Don’t have a plain t-shirt or long-sleeve with you? That is okay, because the space also sells its own supply. “T-shirts are just $3 and long-sleeves are $6, and they come in a huge variety of colors and sizes,” Shankar said. “It’s a great way to make your own custom shirts for a club, create a Big/Little gift, or just show off your school pride! The best part is that it’s super easy to do and takes no time at all.”


Now that you know more about 7th Street Studio & MakerSpace, let’s get into some cool things you didn’t know you could make using its equipment:


1. 3-D Printed Monogram Necklaces and Keychains


Make your favorite monogram design in the form of a necklace or a cute keychain—a great gift for a friend or family member! Check out online instructions on how to make 3-D printer-friendly designs here:


2. Athletic Gear 


The option to print your very own shirt is great for passionate athletes, as well as spirited students. Even if you aren’t one for sports, you can print a clothing item for a friend or University alumni.


3. Graphic Tees


A graphic tee is a closet staple. Save some money by making your own designs and printing your own t-shirts or sweatshirts in the MakerSpace instead of buying them from a clothing store.


4. Baked Goods


Throwing a party soon, but don’t know what to feed the guests? Come to 7th Street Studio & MakerSpace to channel your inner chef. At these gourmet workshops, students can use their artistic abilities to make the most creative baked goods anyone has ever seen.


5. Vinyl-Cut Laptop Stickers


Are you obsessed with RedBubble? Do they sometimes not have the stickers you are looking for? Not a problem! The MakerSpace now allows you to design and cut your very own stickers, a guaranteed way to have the perfectly decorated computer!


6. 3-D Sculptures


Students have full reign with  3-D sculpture projects. In the past, University classes have used the MakerSpace to create realistic head stumps of themselves. Other options, besides the sculptures above, include making collector’s items for avid television or movie series fans.


7. Dorm Room Décor


One problem several students run into before Move-In Day is choosing how to decorate their dorm room. As a home-away-from-home, a dorm room should be visually pleasing and comfortable, maybe even familiar. The perfect way to achieve that? Paint wall art or paint a cool scene for your apartment, suite, or double!




While these projects are neat, there are many other creative activities to engage in while working in the 7th Street Studio & Makerspace. Stop by in a free moment and work with the friendly staff to turn your imaginative projects into reality. Also, be on the lookout to sign up for free workshops that will be available soon!


The upcoming special events held in the MakerSpace are:


  • Madeleines, Mason Jars, & Iced Tea (April 12 7-9 p.m.)

An event to help students de-stress before finals through decorating mason jars, filling them with iced tea, and eating French madeleine cookies.

  • Dream Team (April 12, 5-7 p.m.)

Are you competitive in nature? Come compete against a mentor to create the most unique gift. The catch is, you only can use resources in the MakerSpace!


The space is currently open Monday through Thursday, from 12 p.m. – 10 p.m., and Friday through Sunday, 5 p.m. to 12 a.m.


For more information or to ask questions, email student contact Sabrina Shankar at [email protected] or [email protected]. Or call: 570-577-1958.

7th Street Studio & MakerSpace is attached to 7th Street Café.

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