Top 10 places to study

By Katie Monigan

Staff Writer

Top 10 places on campus to study, other than the library

  1. The academic quad. If you’re outside on a sunny (rainless) spring day, you’ll no doubt see people studying on the quad. Amongst the Frisbee tosses and the sunbathing, the sun-loving and studious among us sprawl themselves out on blankets with friends and simultaneously soak up some rays while soaking up knowledge.
  2. Seventh Street. For the less-than-sunny days this spring, a great choice is Seventh Street Café where students can listen to background music, chat with friends, enjoy a specially-prepared beverage and get some work done in the process. Added bonus: it’s open 24 hours, so your 4 a.m. cram-sessions can be properly caffeinated.
  3. Your room. For those of us who are tidy enough to have the desk space, studying in your room can be a convenient option for when you don’t want to brave stormy weather. It also works if you haven’t showered in a few days, or if you happen to have a really comfortable chair.
  4. Your bed. For those of us who are too lazy even to make it to our desk chairs, studying in bed is another option. It is, however, very difficult to stay awake when studying in this manner, so those who choose this location are likely to not actually get anything done, or are just freakishly perky.
  5. Breakiron lounges. Every floor of Breakiron Engineering has a lounge with couches, some with vending machines and computers as well, and it’s not just for engineers. They’re usually quiet, the building is open 24/7 if you walk there through Dana Engineering, and it’s much newer and brighter than Dana which is students’ usual destination after 2 a.m.
  6. Willard Smith Library. Okay, technically it is a library, but it’s not THE library, so it gets to be on the list. Willard Smith is located on the uphill side of Vaughan Lit, across from DU, and is great for reading. The large room is warmly lit, and filled with old wooden furniture. It’s sometimes reserved, but when it’s not it’s quiet and all the old books are academically inspiring.
  7. The caf. For hungry students who also need to study, this is a great option. Every time you need a break, a variety of foods is at your fingertips. Plus, since some groups of friends make it a habit to “caf sit,” or stay for an absurdly long time after they finish eating, students studying for hours fit right in.
  8. A friend’s room. Boring things are always better with a buddy, so if you have a class with a friend, you might like to do your studying together. Although there is a possibility that immense amounts of actual work get done, there is also a possibility that your study session will become an all night chit-chat. Choose your buddy wisely.
  9. The new student space. For those students who enjoy people-watching, studying in the new student space is entertaining, since in a few hours about half the student body will pass by. It is also conveniently located next to the mail room and across from the Bison, which allows for convenient snacking when necessary but doesn’t have the added temptations of unlimited food like the caf.
  10. Dana Lobby. It’s a big engineering secret, but everyone deserves to know: Dana lobby houses the most comfortable couches on campus. The lobby’s not very well-lit, it’s not terribly inviting and it smells a little funny, but the couches make it well worth its drawbacks. If your studying is going to run a little late and you only have time for an hour or so to sleep, there’s no better location for your studying and naptime than Dana Lobby.
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