Tiger Woods continues to revolutionize the sport of golf


Michael Caruso, Senior Writer

Tiger Woods has gone through more ups and downs than the majority of athletes around the world. His U.S. Open victory with a torn ACL in 2008 was followed by an image-altering marital cheating scandal in 2009 and four consecutive back surgeries in a three-year span. Woods made the comeback of the ages after winning the Masters Tournament for the first time in 10 years on April 14. Although Woods’ personal life is marred with a DUI arrest and substance abuse issues, he has undeniably changed the way people perceive the sport of golf.


This win marked Woods’ fifth Masters title and his 15th major tournament victory, catapulting him back into superstar-status. Even opponents of Woods were applauding as he walked off the eighteenth hole, knowing just how significant of a moment it was for his career, fans, and family. The event brought sports fans from across the country together, as individuals (including former U.S. President Barack Obama and current U.S. President Donald Trump) took to social media to marvel at how Woods managed to overcome so much adversity to be able to wear that green jacket at the end of the tournament in Augusta, Ga.


“It’s hard to comprehend right now. I mean, honestly it’s only been a few hours out of winning the tournament,” Woods said. “I’m still trying to enjoy it and figure out that I actually won it. I know I have the green jacket on but it’s just, it’s still, I think it’s going to take a little bit of time to sink in.”


At 43 years old, Woods is the second oldest victor of the Masters behind Jack Nicklaus. What is so intriguing about Woods is not necessarily how he overcame physical and mental challenges to emerge victorious at an old age for a golfer, but rather his strong following. If you tuned in, you saw hundreds of people walking behind Woods at every hole. People of all ages and races understand just how significant Woods’ passion and skill are to his game of golf.


“You think of all the things Tiger helped germinate that can now really take hold,” Joe Favorito, an instructor in strategic communications at Columbia University’s sports management program, said in an article from “Your Golf Digest.” “If you wanted a perfect comeback story, you got one that’s now playing on every device possible. You have everybody walking around getting those three-minute highlights from IBM of everything that Tiger did today. I think that’s going to be great for everybody involved with the game inside and out and especially for Tiger, too.”

Many have emphasized that this is one of the best sports comebacks of all time. Woods celebrated with his father after his first Masters win 22 years ago; after his win on April 14, he embraced his 10-year-old son, followed by the rest of his family. TaylorMade President and CEO David Abeles, who signed Woods to his staff more than two years ago, highlighted the continual generational impact Woods has had on the sport. “Watching this play out with my three young boys who are 13, 11 and 8, they have the opportunity to see how extraordinary people do extraordinary things. They’re not only inspired by his game, they’re inspired by his life story,” Abeles said. Needless to say, Woods has solidified himself as one of the best athletes of our time, and it is hard not to sit back and marvel at just how far he has come in his career.

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