Senior Class Tribute

Madison Weaver, Senior News Writer

Subheadline: BSG creates a photo-friendly installation

Students walking by the South Campus Apartments may have noticed a new addition: a large, block letter “B” split with blue and orange. This new University feature is the senior tribute from the Class of 2019. Situated between South Campus Drive and Davis Hall, the installation was designed with students and social media in mind.


As the Bucknell Student Government (BSG) senior class congress brainstormed ideas and met with the administration, they agreed that the senior tribute should be a physical gift that could be climbed, photographed, and shared by current and prospective students, alumni, and the wider University community.


“We decided a single ‘B’ would be the best option, as people could take pictures with it and climb on it, and it is a good symbol of Bucknell that’s well recognized and always will be,” BSG Senior Class President Laura Bart ’19 said.


The “B” was created by Sun Precast Company, Inc., a stone and concrete manufacturer in Pennsylvania. Sun Precast’s president met with students to help design the model and pick out materials that would be both striking and durable. The gift is funded through the BSG class budget that has been acquired over the years.


“While designing the ‘B,’ we wanted to make sure that it would be able to last for generations, and hopefully become the new go-to photo spot for prospective and current students as well as alums – to our excitement, we actually saw admitted students taking pictures with it on Admitted Students Day!” BSG Senior Class Vice President Emily Shapiro ’19 said.


For senior members of BSG, the goal was to create a tribute that people could interact with now and for years to come. From photo shoots to Snapchat stories, the seniors have already seen their plan unfold.


“We are so happy with how our class tribute came out and, as President Bravman told us, excited to see it standing not just at our five-year reunion, but at our 50th,” Shapiro said.

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