Breaking the bubble

Silvia Buonocore, News Editor



As a response to the February 2018 Parkland shooting in Florida, the Florida Senate passed a bill on April 23 allowing teachers to be armed in school. The new law is intended to equip teachers to defend students in the face of an active shooter. Even with a large debate over the issue and much opposition from various teachers and students, the bill passed with a 22-17 vote.


With new streaming services on the rise, Netflix may lose licenses to its top shows. As NBCUniversal gears up to create its own streaming device, the company plans to remove its hit show “The Office” from Netflix once their contract expires in 2021. In addition, WarnerMedia and Walt Disney Co. will also be launching their own streaming devices and removing their content from Netflix. These changes may force Netflix to pay much more to keep the shows or lose them altogether.




Based on the investigation into the bombings in Sri Lanka that killed 350 and injured 500 on Easter Sunday, the nine suicide bombers – eight men and one woman – were all middle-class and well-educated Sri Lankans. The investigation also uncovered that prior to the bombings the government was warned by Indian intelligence and US security officials that attacks were being planned, but proper action to avert the horrific acts were not taken. While the Islamic State confessed their involvement in the attack last Tuesday, there will be further investigation to determine the extent of their involvement.


China’s extensive surveillance system, that the country had spent billions to create, is now being implemented in other countries such as Ecuador. The Ecuadorian system consists of 4,300 surveillance cameras that send information to 16 monitoring centers. Police in the monitoring centers watch the footage for various crimes, so they can dispatch police and emergency help if needed. Despite the fact that Ecuador has seen a 13 percent drop in crime since last year, there is fear of the system infringing on privacy and overstepping government control.


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