Beyoncé on the cusp of history…yet again


Graphics by Olivia Braito.

Lauren McDermott, Contributing Writer

Beyoncé has broken the record for earning the most Grammy nominations as a female artist. So far, she has been nominated 66 times and there may be more to come when the 62nd annual Grammy Awards nominations are announced at the end of this year. Her new album, “Homecoming: The Live Album,” was released early April 17, surprising the BeyHive as the drop was completely unexpected. “Homecoming” will be eligible in both the Album of the Year category and any others determined by the screening committee.

Beyoncé’s accompanying film, “Homecoming” – which also began airing April 17 on Netflix – will be eligible to receive the award for best music film if it stays on Netflix during the voting period of Grammys. The album and film were both recorded last year at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, where Beyoncé became the first African-American woman to headline, a great honor for the activist-singer.

Much of the film features the onstage concert footage while including behind-the-scenes recordings and the traditions Beyoncé engages in before each performance. After her amazing performance, the event was dubbed “Beychella.” Her performance will never be forgotten and we are lucky as viewers to have the privilege to document such brilliance.

This film and album deserve a Grammy as Bey rules the music industry and her talents take her far beyond. She is such a talented role model for countless people, promoting confidence and positive attitudes through her songs. She captivated the crowds of Coachella in her performance and continuously makes us wonder how such talent can exist. This film not only shows Beyoncé doing what she does best as she performs but also shows us a personal side as well. It shows that she is human too, despite popular belief that she is a living, breathing, goddess.

Beyoncé has already won 23 Grammys, placing her toward the top of every list. The singer/songwriter is eighth place on the all-time winners’ list; among female artists, she is second only to Alison Krauss; and among African-American artists, she is in third place behind living legends Quincy Jones and Stevie Wonder. As Beyoncé is among these music icons, it is obvious that she is destined for greatness and can achieve anything to which she puts her mind.

The BeyHive continues to support its Queen Bey through social media and the massive concert crowds. “Homecoming” gives those who were unable to attend Beychella the opportunity to see what they missed out on. And for those who did attend, it gives them a better recording than the one they probably took on their smartphones. Instead of paying the whopping $429 cost for Coachella last year for one Beyoncé performance, all you have to pay is your monthly Netflix payment and you can watch Bey perform as many times as you please. I have seen “Homecoming” and can attest that Beyoncé’s stage presence and singing is incredible and captured beautifully in the film. This film is most definitely Grammy material and should be treated as such.

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