The Econ-versation: about the column

Silvia Buonocore, Senior Writer

As economic news can be complex and misleading at times, this column strives to provide a sound economic explanation of current events and policies to The Bucknellian readership. As the first economics-focused column of The Bucknellian, the Econ-versation will have high educational value, providing readers quality information in an appropriate tone without exaggerating economic news. It will also expand the analysis to include a variety of political views instead of involving selective information or political bias.

The nature of the Econ-versation stems from the idea that economics involves multiple perspectives. In short, these perspectives come from mainstream, progressive political, and radical political economists. Mainstream economists generally prefer capitalism with little to no market regulation. Progressive political economists suggest capitalism with the management of markets. Lastly, radical political economists promote socialist or communist methods of running the economy. All of these perspectives are relevant in current economics as they each provide diverse solutions and methods of dealing with economic problems.

Therefore, this column aims to put these pluralist economic perspectives in conversation with each other to provide a cohesive economic analysis of current topics and policies. In doing so, readers will have access to quality information about economic topics, while also being able to understand different viewpoints of such issues.

Overall, this column will be composed of articles that completely and accurately explain the economics behind current events and policies, while also including pluralist economic perspectives for a general audience.

Most weeks, this column will simply provide economic updates regarding current economic happenings, though it will occasionally present special features with an in-depth explanation of hot economic topics.

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