Fall Employer Expo marks the start of recruitment season

Miranda Segrave, Contributing Writer

On Sept. 24, the University hosted the annual fall Employer Expo, which was organized by the Center for Career Advancement (CCA). The expo featured over 100 employers with globally recognized firms, including The Coca-Cola Company, Google, ExxonMobil and UBS.

The expo gives students the opportunity to explore internship opportunities and network with potential employers and University alumni after graduating. Beginning in the fall, employers are seeking to recruit students for internships and other career-related opportunities.

“I was excited to acquaint myself with potential employers and future opportunities in years to come,” Daniela St. Pierre ’23 said. “As a freshman, it’s difficult to get an internship, but it was a great opportunity to meet new people in my intended field of study.”

The event was held in the Gerhard Fieldhouse, with companies situated around the track. Upon entrance of the event, there was a check-in where students received a complimentary water bottle and were directed to the student lounge where they have the option to take a professional photo. The “Professional Photos” station was an opportunity for students to take a picture for LinkedIn profiles and other professional purposes.

Through the Employer Expo, students of all majors and interests have the opportunity to speak to potential employers and explore career interests. Mason Rode ’21 from the College of Engineering said that she “went to learn about different industries” because she is not sure what field she is interested in pursuing.

The Employer Expo poses a great opportunity for networking purposes, getting to know potential employers, and for understanding the field we intend to work in by way of conversing with workers in the field.

The CCA hosted several other career events this past week surrounding the expo. On Monday, the CCA encouraged students to get their resume reviewed at “Resumania.” On Thursday, “Wine, Dine & Act Fine Etiquette Dinner” with University alumni board members went over proper business manners. Several companies, including Deloitte and Axtria, hosted info sessions about their recruiting process.

Emily Dietrich, assistant director of the CCA, encourages students to “take advantage of lots of great opportunities to meet, learn and make connections with those visiting campus.”

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