ELC to house student center

By Olivia Seecof

Contributing Writer

The 12,500-square foot space in the Elaine Langone Center, previously occupied by the University bookstore, will serve as a student “hearth space” next semester.

The space will serve a variety of functions for students and student organizations. Sections of the new hearth space will hold lounge chairs and a television in addition to a conference/seminar room students can reserve for meetings. There will be chairs with desks for group work and tables that will serve as extra seating space for the Bison.

The space will also hold the offices of Activities and Campus Events (ACE) and Bucknell Student Government (BSG) and the Campus Activities and Programs (CAP) center. The updated student area will act as a hub for all student organizations.

The University post office and a University box office will move to the student center.

Members of BSG voted on the décor for the student center.

“My side won, and the space will be decorated in an extraordinary dark blue,” student body president Charles Kreitler ’12 said. “There will be nice lighting along with other great touches to turn this space into something unique for students.”

The idea to turn the space into an area dedicated to students was originally proposed by BSG. A committee composed of both faculty and students met over the course of a year to discuss the details of the student center.

“[The space] provided an excellent opportunity to help satisfy all of [the students’] needs,” associate dean of students Kari Conrad said.

“I think that it is great to have all of the student organizations in one place instead of spread out on different floors and on different parts of campus. This will allow students to have more input as well allow us to be more informed about upcoming events,” Patrick Carey ’12 said.

The student center will increase traffic through the Elaine Langone Center “mall” and will allow students to explore mall salesfrom fundraisers to vendor and Management 101 products.

“Even though I’m only a freshman and haven’t been on campus for long, I feel like I’ve already exhausted every other hangout. The new space will be a fun and convenient new place to go with friends,” Brooke Barnhart ’14 said.

The space will be open for use next semester. Even though the final design is in place, BSG is open to all opinions and ideas about the new space.

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