Breaking the Bubble

Jess Kaplan, News Editor


Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was hospitalized and treated for an artery blockage on Tuesday evening, forcing him to cancel upcoming campaign events and generating public uncertainty of his ability to hold presidential office. Sanders’ hospitalization will likely intensify the focus on age in the Democratic race, as the three leading candidates are in their 70s. Sanders is expected to make a full recovery.

Former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for killing her unarmed black neighbor after mistaking his apartment for her own. Guyger was convicted of murder, which is very rare in cases of police violence. The shooting was yet another example of ongoing police injustice against black people in the United States.



Peru is entrenched in a political corruption scandal. Although President Martín Vizcarra has made a recent push to implement anti-corruption reform, other lawmakers have voted to replace six of the seven judges of the country’s top court. Vizcarra perceived this to be the equivalent of a vote of no confidence and dissolved Congress.

Meghan Markle has filed a lawsuit against British tabloids over the publication of a private letter to her father. In a statement to the press, Prince Harry said the Markle had become a victim of “a ruthless campaign” by British tabloids, and that he had been “a silent witness to her private suffering for too long.”

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