No more no8am

Jess Kaplan , News Editor

In 2014, engineering student Nadeem Nasimi ’17 found himself overwhelmed and confused by course scheduling. Nasimi believed that there was a more efficient way for students to build their schedule. Over the next summer, Nasimi drew on information learned in his computer science classes and coordinated with University staff to build no8am, changing the way University students pick their course schedules.

The program was an immediate hit among students. “The first year it was released, no8am was very well-received, but mostly used by just the students in my class year. By the next year, after word spread, it was being used by all class years,” Nasimi said.

However, after leaving the University, Nasimi became occupied with other commitments — he is currently a software development engineer at Amazon Robotics — and did not renew the no8am domain name. With no8am no longer in existence, students are once again frustrated by the course registration process.

“I’m a visual person so having no8am in the past was really helpful to be able to visualize what classes I need to take,” Esha Sharma ’20 said. “It’s a little disappointing knowing that we won’t have that academic tool moving forward.”

Computer science and engineering student George Mazzeo ’20 has taken it upon himself to renew the domain. The Bucknellian will continue to follow this development throughout the course registration process.

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