Breaking the Bubble

Jess Kaplan, News Editor


The NCAA has voted to allow athletes to profit from their names, images and likeness “in a manner consistent with the collegiate model.” As one of the most profitable organizations in sports, the NCAA has faced growing pressure from lawmakers to allow college athletes to earn money from endorsement deals. The NCAA is expected to release its new rules in January of 2021.

On Wednesday, Oct. 30 Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted that the platform will ban all political ads. In his statement, Mr. Dorsey acknowledged that political ads can present several challenges to our civic discourse that our “democratic infrastructure may not be prepared to handle.” The change is in sharp opposition to its rival, Facebook, which has been heavily criticized for its hand-off approach of political advertising.



Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri said that he will be resigning after two weeks of protests. Although the protests began over proposed taxes on apps like WhatsApp, they soon devolved into anti-government protests about the country’s looming economic crisis and high levels of corruption. Many protesters are celebrating Hariri’s resignations, though the future of the country is still uncertain.

A scientific study concluded that modern humans originated in northern Botswana over 200,000 years ago. Fossil evidence and DNA testing also suggest that humans lived in this region for 70,000 years before climate change pushed them to migrate elsewhere.

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