Mallory '11 sets legacy on and off court

By Eric Weiss

Senior Writer

Going through the rigors of college is difficult enough; spending countless hours in the library all the while having your sights set on the future can cause even the brightest student to become frazzled. As a Division I athlete, this intensity is increased exponentially, giving up over 20 hours a week to train and compete for your sport. Now, add on top of all this a disease that could have not only crippled your athletic career but also your time in Orange and Blue.

Tennis player Mark Malloy ’11 managed to get past all of these challenges with a smile and still make everyone around him better.

“What Mark has done is incredible and something I’ll never forget. This season, he was really an inspiration to us all. His story is one that I’ll tell to the incoming freshmen next year and the year after,” Kelly Morque ’13 said.

After returning from a fall semester abroad, Mark was diagnosed with testicular cancer, forcing him to take time off from school to receive treatment and recover.

“The day we learned that Mark had been diagnosed with cancer was devastating,” men and women’s tennis Head Coach Rebecca Helt said. “Everything kind of came to a standstill and we were all very scared for him.”

Malloy fortunately had been diagnosed with the disease early enough so that it could be treated before it headed towards more serious stages.

“I was lucky enough to find the cancer at an early stage and have some of the best doctors helping me both then and now,” Malloy said.

While others may have taken the semester off in order to recover and rest, Malloy remained on campus to cheer on his fellow teammates, most notably during the Patriot League Tournament. Malloy didn’t let his treatment slow down his love for the Orange and Blue.

“The guy is incredible and an inspiration. Over a year ago Mark gave us news about his battle with testicular cancer, and through his whole battle Mark was about as optimistic as a person could be,” Josh Katten ’13 said.

Malloy is not just a tremendous teammate; he is also one of the best players to ever don a Bison tennis uniform. Having completed his senior year, Malloy is tied for the third-most wins all-time for men’s tennis with 117–a tremendous feat considering that Malloy missed his entire junior year of tennis.

“As a player, Mark was relentless. He would dig down and do the impossible like it was routine,” Helt said. “Even as a freshman, he impressed his coaches and his upperclass teammates with his determination. It was for that quality alone that he was made a captain at the end of his sophomore year.”

Malloy is not just a tennis player. When not working hard at his studies or on the tennis court, Malloy can be seen giving tours of campus for the Office of Admissions.

His bright personality and overall positive attitude is infectious. He leads parents and students around campus, answering their questions and helping them make the decision to come to the University.

His positive attitude does not go unnoticed from peers, underclassmen and coaches alike.

“I have known Mark since freshman year, and he has become one of my best friends. I don’t know one person at this school who doesn’t like him. He always finds a way to make a connection with somebody no matter what,” Anton Kovic ’11 said.

“Mark is one of the most well-liked and respected people I have ever met both on and off the court,” Katten said. “When he speaks, everyone listens. He leads by example, that’s what makes him so great. He is a great leader, friend and teammate to all of us.”

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