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Sam Rosenblatt

Sam is the Editor-in-Chief, helping edit articles and lead The Bucknellian staff. He started with The Bucknellian as a writer during his freshman year and later served as a Section Editor and Print Managing Editor. Sam loves spending time with the Editorial Board and cherishes the friendships he has made with his fellow editors over the years. 


Janey Woo

Janey is the Print Presentation Director, which means she manages all of the layouts  for each section and then she sends the pages to the printer. She began her involvement with the newspaper as a Special Features Layout editor, but loves this job because she loves watching the newspaper come together. Also, she loves the friendships she has built with everyone of every position on the newspaper. 


Kathryn Nicolai 

Kathryn is currently the Print Managing Editor! She has enjoyed being on the newspaper for the past 4 years because of all the people she’s been able to meet and collaborate with. Her University experience wouldn’t be the same without it. Also, she is looking forward to cherishing her last semester on campus and finishing her thesis. 


Sarah Baldwin 

Sarah is another of the Print Managing Editors. She joined “The Bucknellian” as a writer for the Opinions section and then became an Opinions editor last semester. She is excited to continue her work for the newspaper next semester!




Jess Kaplan 

Jess has written for “The Bucknellian” since her freshman year. She started as an Opinions writer, but then moved to Opinions Editor and Print Managing Editor and now is the News Content Editor! Next semester, she is excited to study abroad in Sydney, Australia!


Kaitlin Bonacci 

Kaitlin joined The Bucknellian after seeing an ad in the Message Center to become a layout editor (yes, she reads it every morning). Her favorite parts about working with News Layout are putting in the public safety log and staying up to date on what’s happening around campus! Although she is going abroad to Milan, Italy next semester, she is excited to return to The Bucknellian for her senior year. 




Justin Schaumberger 

Justin had never done journalism before college, but he wanted to try something new. After working for the newspaper, he realizes he loves the staff for how nice they are and loves his job because he can personally follow the University’s sports teams. He is planning on continuing at “The Bucknellian” as a Sports Editor.


Brittany Willwerth

Brittany is the Sports Co-Editor and has served in this position since her sophomore year. A student athlete on the Bison field hockey team, Brittany has enjoyed sharing the stories of her fellow student athletes and their success on all of the University’s fields and courts. 


Shelby Umbarger

Shelby has served as a layout editor for The Bucknellian since last fall. She loves spending time with other members of the Editorial Board and seeing the newspaper come together each week. She is looking forward to another semester on the staff.



Griffin Perrault

Griffin joined The Bucknellian his freshman year because he was interested in writing and having opinions on things. This is also, coincidentally, why he loves working for the newspaper! Next semester, he is planning on staying at “The Bucknellian” and maybe even taking on more responsibility than before! 


Jacob Feuerstein 

Jacob is the Opinion Co-Editor this semester. He started writing for “The Bucknellian” within his first few weeks on campus and later became the Opinions Editor his second semester here. He appreciates the community-building aspects and the insight to know what’s going on and when on campus that the newspaper offers! He plans to continue to write for and edit the opinions section. 


Alexis Catsoulis 

Currently, Alexis is the Opinions Layout Editor. She joined The Bucknellian through a friend who was previously a layout editor. She loves working with The Bucknellian community and spending time with everyone in the newsroom on Wednesday nights. However, she is excited to be going abroad to Seville, Spain next semester!




Libby Darrell

Libby joined “The Bucknellian” this semester as the Special Features Editor after writing for the Special Features section last year. She has enjoyed working with this section because of its creativity and has met some friendly faces in Stuck House! Next semester, she plans on returning to campus and helping out with the newspaper more!


Sophie Springer 

Sophie joined The Bucknellian during her junior year. Her favorite part of The Bucknellian is the people and staying on top of current events on campus. The role always makes her Thursday mornings brighter!


Fallon Goldberg

Fallon works for the newspaper because she loves making aesthetically pleasing backgrounds for Times New Roman text boxes. As a senior, this is her last semester as a Special Features Layout Editor.




Bridget Beljan

Bridget began as a satire writer her sophomore year and was happy to take on the role of an editor her senior year! She will spend one more semester as a satire editor because she will be graduating in the spring of 2020. 


Amy Schlussler

When Amy joined The Bucknellian she specifically wrote satire pieces because she always enjoyed reading satire. Now she serves as the Satire Co-Editor. Getting to know the group of people that work for the paper (and spending hours with them every week) has been something that has made her love her time with The Bucknellian! She plans on returning to the newspaper for her last semester at the University, but will continue to read the newspaper after she graduates! 


Grace Ingebretsen 

Currently, Grace is the Satire Layout Editor. She joined The Bucknellian for the first time her sophomore year at the suggestion of a friend. Now, she loves the atmosphere and people. She will be on campus next semester, and will continue to produce mediocre work. Over the summer, she is excited to go abroad. 




Cecily Ho

Cecily is the Photography Co-Editor. She joined the staff as a photographer her sophomore year and has enjoyed taking pictures of various events on campus ever since!  She is looking forward to cherishing her last semester on campus. She cannot believe the time has gone by so fast! 


Lauren Canna

Lauren is also the Photography Co-Editor. She joined the Editorial Board this fall and has loved capturing amazing moments on campus throughout her time on the staff.




Jared Shapiro

Jared is the Co-Graphics Manager at The Bucknellian this semester. In this role, he makes weekly graphics for Opinions and Satire articles and help manage the graphics team. He has been a part of the staff since his freshman year. Next semester, he plans to stay with the newspaper until he graduates in May! 


Alex Iannone

Alex is a Graphics co-manager which means she works within Jared Shapiro to make graphics for each issue and work with a small group of amazing graphic artists. She joined when she heard about the paper and the opportunity to contribute in a visual way. Alex will be working for The Bucknellian ~forever~. 

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