Breaking the Bubble

Nicole Yeager, News Editor


On Wednesday, Jan 29. a burning high-rise in Los Angeles injured 11 people and led firefighters to rescue 15. At 8:30 a.m., LAFD responded to a smaller fire a few blocks away until they had to quickly move to Barrington Plaza on the west side of the city. Flames were burning on six floors, which led 15 people to flee to the roof of the 25-story building. The injured 11 suffered from varying levels of moderate burns and smoke inhalation. In the end, the Los Angeles Fire Department did an honorable job and authorities are left to investigate the building’s fire systems.

It was on Wednesday that House Democrats planned to announce a $760 billion project for rebuilding highways, airports, and other infrastructure across the nation. This five-year plan, titled “Moving Forward Framework,” can be credited to Representative Peter A. DeFazio of Oregon and Frank Pallone Jr. of New Jersey. One reason for the strong support behind this infrastructure plan could be related to an effort to shift focus from impeachment proceedings and showcase future priorities.


Reports of a reduced number of attacks in major Afghan cities were revealed to be misleading notions of calm and peace, as news of terrorist attacks in the countryside has arisen. While the ongoing war has largely dodged the attention of the media, it still persists as dozens are killed daily. Considering the patterns of behavior in recent months, relations to the United States and Taliban negotiations are likely. While the Afghan government has stayed relatively quiet, they have asked the United States to agree to a cease-fire.

On Tuesday, Jan. 28 updates on Russia’s military influence across Africa have shown increased arms sales, security agreements, and training programs. In addition to quietly deploying mercenaries and political advisers to many countries, Libya has received hundreds of Russian fighters. This presence of the Russian military aligns with their pattern of growing influence within the security sphere.

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