Nominations now open for University’s Student Leadership Awards

Sarah Haber, Assistant News Editor

Faculty, staff and students can now nominate their students or fellow peers for a Student Leadership Award to recognize their qualities of leadership excellence. The deadline to nominate a student is Friday, Feb. 21, and the nomination can be completed on the survey link found in the Message Center. The only information that is needed to nominate a student is their name, major and email address.

Dean Badal, originally the Director of Leadership and First-Year Programs at the University, was first in charge of planning and organizing the senior awards ceremony for Commencement Weekend. She suggested that Student Affairs create their own awards to recognize student leaders on campus. In 2003, the first Leadership Awards ceremony was held, and has since evolved into its present format.

Any student that demonstrates qualities of leadership can be nominated for a Student Leadership Award; they do not have to hold a formal leadership role on campus. “Leadership isn’t about one’s position, it’s about the impact they have made on our community. Nominating a student for a Leadership Award is a way to recognize those students,” said Brent Papson, Director of Campus Activities and Student Media.

There is a wide range of awards that are available, from recognizing leaders within each class year to students who have dedicated their time to being a leader in the local community.

The Class Awards of Excellence are given to one student in each year who exemplifies notable leadership through their involvement(s) on campus and influence within their respective year. Other class-specific awards are The Eleanor D. Decker Prize for Women and The University Prize for Men, which are given to one senior woman and one senior man for representing the ideals promoted by the University’s Mission: intellectual maturity, personal conviction and strength of character.

There are also awards for students who demonstrate leadership in school spirit on campus. The Gerald W. Commerford Orange & Blue Award is awarded to a student who demonstrates exemplary school spirit and a desire to make the University a better place, and the BISON Award for Excellence in Co-Curricular Activities rewards seniors who have made a significant impact in their co-curricular activities.

There are over 20 Student Leadership Awards that are open for students this year, with the link for nominations being available until Feb. 21.

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