New room selection process

Ellie Lowe, Staff Writer

Now that the second semester is in full swing, preparations for the next school year are starting to take place, among these being room selection. The University has a four-year residency requirement on campus, which means that Housing Services works with nearly all students on their housing assignment for the following year.

“We are taking significant steps to increase the availability of information regarding room selection and opportunities to ask questions so students are able to make a realistic plan regarding their housing for the following year,” Assistant Director for Housing Services Ashley Hubler said.

For students who have not already received a housing assignment from a staff position, fraternity or sorority housing, Residential College alumni housing, affinity housing, approval to live off-campus or a study abroad arrangement in the fall semester, room selection will be taking place the week of March 23, the week of March 30 and the week of April 6  for rising seniors,  juniors and sophomores, respectively. Time slots for room selection will be released via email on March 16.

This year, Housing Services will be increasing the number of resources available to students in order to help them make more informed decisions regarding their housing for the following year. Before room selection takes place, there will be information sessions on Feb. 26, March 2, March 16 and March 19, as well as Q&A tabling sessions hosted by Hubler in the Elaine Langone Center on March 17 and March 19 from 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.

In addition to these in-person meetings, a number of online resources can be accessed on the Housing Services website and myHOME. One resource they offer is the Room Selection Guide, a step by step instructional document that includes screenshots that walks students through each of the screens on myHOME for room selection. Other resources include the Room Selection Planner, a document that roommate groups can fill out to help create realistic plans for room selection including available options for each class year, types of spaces available and number of spaces available in each area, along with a video tutorial which walks the student through the steps shown in the Room Selection Guide on myHOME. Furthermore, Hubler will be available for individual appointments.

Only about 50 percent of students are typically able to secure their top choice for housing, which is why Housing Services strongly encourages students to have realistic plans and additional options for room selection. Those who are unable to secure a room during their time slot – usually about 5-10 percent of students — will be placed on a waitlist and will receive their assignments over the summer months. Housing Services will work with these students on the waitlist to submit their preferences for room selection and review rooms as they become available. Also during the summer, for students who would like to change their housing assignment, Housing Services will offer an upgrade process, and additional information sessions and open office hours will be held for students on the waitlist or those who want to go through the upgrade process after room selection is completed.

For more information and updates, follow Bucknell University Housing Services on Facebook and @BucknellHousing on Instagram. Hubler can also be reached at [email protected] or 570-577-1195.

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