‘We Brake for Nobody’ improv group performs show at Trout Auditorium

Sarah Haber, Assistant News Editor

On Tuesday, Feb. 18 at 7 p.m., We Brake for Nobody, the University’s improv troupe, performed in Trout Auditorium.

We Brake for Nobody was founded in 1998 by Ben Wellington, who then went on to start a troupe at New York University (NYU) called Dangerbox.

The show consisted of a series of interactive games that incorporated suggestions from the audience. In most games, three to four members of We Brake for Nobody used audience suggestions of locations, characters and objects to quickly create an improvised scene.

One of the games played was the Swinging Pendulum of Death, which required the audience to suggest three locations, three conflicts and three characters. The characters then switched between three different scenes and picked up from where the last scene left off each time. Eventually, the scene progressed until one character died and the rest of the characters picked up with where the scene left off.

“Although it probably wasn’t my best performance, I appreciate the rest of the troupe for bringing their best and everyone else for coming out to the show. I enjoyed the Party Quirks Game because it was Valentine’s Day themed and it is always an interesting challenge to guess who everyone is,” Ryan Bremer ’22 said.

Bremer was the host during the Party Quirks game, where the host does not know who the guests are. Each guest was given a character to play or a characteristic to have, and the host is challenged to figure out who each guest is.

The Dating Game essentially mimics a blind dating game show where there is one contestant who is looking for love. The contestant then leaves the room, and the audience picks character traits for three potential partners. The contestant then comes back into the room and asks the potential partners questions to see who is the most compatible with him. At the end of the game, the contestant has to guess what character each person was playing.

“I really enjoyed the dating game show! I thought that it was hilarious and everyone did a great job playing the different characters. I also thought that the date auction was so funny and unique. I won a date with Rachel,” Marta Majewski ’22 said.

Because of Valentine’s Day, The Date Auction was unique to this improv show. All of the members of We Brake for Nobody were auctioned off to audience members for a date. The crowd was extremely loud and enthusiastic throughout the show and even more so during the auction. 

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