Breaking the Bubble

Nicole Yeager and Sarah Haber


With public panic building around the quickly spreading coronavirus epidemic, key lawmakers in the House and Senate took the initiative to address the problem on Wednesday, March 4, where they proposed and approved a deal to provide $8.3 billion in emergency aid. The amount that was voted on is substantially greater than how much the White House initially proposed in February, as it includes various services that will benefit a greater range of populations. Following a final vote, Representative Democrat of New York and chairwoman of the House Committee on Appropriations Nita M. Lowey is expected to formally introduce the legislation.

Following this week’s “Super Tuesday,” there are several significant points that could sway the direction of the Democratic race. Candidate Joe Biden gained big wins in Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Arkansas, dominating in multiple states where he did not previously have good representation or support. Despite this, candidate Bernie Sanders’s loyal following of predominantly young and liberal voters is keeping him in the 80th percentile.


Haiti’s biggest celebration of the year, Carnival in Port-au-Prince, has been canceled due to deadly protests on the first day of the celebration. During the festivities, people heard gunshots and panic broke out as they rushed to take cover. The protesters were from Haiti’s National Police, who had been protesting for months for better pay and work conditions. The attack left one soldier dead and two others injured.

Due to concerns over the coronavirus, Saudia Arabia has temporarily banned Umrah pilgrimages to the holy cities of Medina and Mecca for Saudi citizens. This ban followed the decision to suspend entry for foreigners who were intending to perform Umrah, as well as suspending tourism in general from countries where the coronavirus has spread. On Monday, Saudi Arabia reported its first case of the coronavirus, the patient being a Saudi citizen who had returned from Iran.

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