7th Street Studio & MakerSpace moves outdoors

Sarah Haber, News Editor

The 7th Street Studio & MakerSpace is hosting a series of DIY events for students to partake in this semester. The MakerSpace opened on campus in 2015, operating as a part of the 7th Street Studio to focus on design and innovation. Students are able to use 3D printers, a laser cutter, a vinyl cutter and several computers with the latest design software. The 7th Street Studio has countless painting, sculpting and craft supplies that are available for use. Although the 7th Street Studio & MakerSpace cannot function the same as it has during previous semesters, the studio will continue to offer creative programs throughout the fall semester.

“When we began thinking about programming during COVID, 7th Street Studio & MakerSpace knew it had to be creative in ways in which we can engage students across campus with our different resources and supplies while also maintaining social distancing and proper health precautions. We have an ample amount of room outside of the studio that we decided would be the perfect location to host our events for the semester rather than our traditional indoor facility,” Sabrina Shankar, the assistant director of Campus Activities and Programs (CAP), said.

On Saturday, Aug. 22, the 7th Street Studio hosted DIY Calendars outside on the lawn of the 7th Street Studio. Students were able to create their own weekly dry erase calendar to stay on track with their studies this semester. The calendars were created with picture frames, vinyl stickers and decals. Several tables with collaging supplies were set up outside so that students could decorate and personalize their calendar in any way that they wanted.

“At each of our Friday and Saturday night events, we have multiple tables set up with DIY-themed activities with plenty of room for students to spread out. We also provide to-go bags for any student that wants to participate in the activity but from the comfort of their own dorm. Students can pick up these bags during the event by asking a student employee,” Shankar said.

Even if a student does not feel comfortable going inside of the studio or working on their crafts outside, they are still able to participate by taking their craft to go and completing it wherever they feel most comfortable. 

“This semester, we are hosting Self Care Saturdays every Saturday night to promote positive mental and physical health. In the upcoming weeks, we will feature bullet journaling, watercolor painting and acrylic painting. On Friday nights, we host events in collaboration with CORE. In the upcoming weeks, students can be excited to see Firefly Mason Jars, Pumpkin Painting and more,” Shankar said.

The 7th Street Studio & MakerSpace is still welcoming students inside to create as long as they adhere to the COVID-19 safety protocols such as wearing a mask, staying six feet apart, hand sanitizing upon arrival and departure along with several other guidelines.

Upcoming events hosted by the 7th Street Studio & Makerspace include Bullet Journaling on Aug. 29, Firefly Mason Jars on Sep. 4, Watercolor Painting on Sep. 5, Pumpkin Painting on Sep. 11 and Paint Party on Sep. 12.

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