A message from The Bucknellian

Due to the unusual nature of this semester, The Bucknellian’s print schedule will look different than it has in previous semesters. The Bucknellian will not be printing a weekly physical issue this semester, and will therefore not be sending out subscriptions this fall. You will, however, be able to view all of our articles online for free at bucknellian.net, along with PDF versions of each issue. Our online content will be posted each Friday, though we hope to distribute a special election issue.

Our news articles will still cover on-campus events, although many of these will be virtual. The Opinions section will comprise the bulk of our paper this semester as we will provide campus perspectives on the upcoming election and increase awareness in social justice, University policies and the ongoing pandemic. Unfortunately, due to the Patriot League’s decision to cancel the fall season, we will no longer report on sporting events. We will resume the section once seasons re-commence. And of course, the strangeness of this semester gives us plenty of material for our satire section. 

Despite the current circumstances, we remain committed to being the voice of the University and Lewisburg Community. For questions regarding our print schedule or to become a member of our staff, please contact us at [email protected].

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