Making room for activities

Bridgette Simpson, Satire Co-Editor

Amidst the pandemic, the University allowed students to go through the Greek recruitment process in an online version, which made for a lot of new changes for this year regarding recruitment for both sororities and fraternities. 

However, one important aspect of the new member process for sororities that took place was Big/Little Week. Women find their “big sister” and “little sister” and are accepted into “families.” I should know more of the correct terminology, but to be honest it is really confusing.

One of the main components of Big/Little Week is sisters decorating their little sister’s rooms and giving them funny tasks to do. This year, the Bigs could not decorate rooms due to the pandemic, but they gave their Littles baskets and some tasks to finish before the Big/Little reveal. 

TikTok dances, photos with a member from each fraternity, the readings of poems, conversations with strangers and numerous other harmless tasks populated my social media pages that week. However, I’m here to make fun of stuff.

“For a fun activity, I had to carry 20 backpacks full of bricks all the way across campus. As in, carry one across, run back, carry another, and so on,” Evan Greece ’23 said. “And my girlfriend had to post a video of her doing the WAP dance. I hate my life.” 

“Yeah, I feel that, my girlfriend also posted a video of her doing the WAP. I’ve been fighting off intruders into her DMs for a week or so now, and they are not slowing down,” Alan Alpha ’23 said. “They will not stop. I love her, but it really wasn’t that good of a dance.”

“I had to spray paint my entire body blue and wear a white cloth sack and matching hat and go to class all day as a Smurf,” Brooke Beta ’23 said. “It was so funny, but I almost passed out from the paint fumes while I was giving a presentation. Also, I can’t get the blue paint off, so I guess I’ll be blue for a while.”

Side note: Please be careful with spray paint.

“All I had to do was eat as many burgers as I could at Bull Run,” Emily Eta ’23 said. “I got to 17 burgers before I had to throw up. I have never felt so at peace as I did that one moment in between the 17th burger and throwing up afterward. It was incredible.”

Extra side note: Don’t try to eat 17 burgers.

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