Spookiest Halloween costumes of 2020

Bridgette Simpson, Satire Co-Editor

It is October, so you know what that means. Spooky season is upon us — and has been for a while, but it all builds up to next week. If you don’t like Halloween, you’re in the minority. It’s an opportunity for everyone to consume absurd amounts of candy — and, in many cases, alcohol — and be whatever they want to be. Below is a list of the best costume ideas that University students have been planning for this year’s festivities. 

“I’m going as a Zoom meeting notification. I always get so scared when I find them in my inbox. Like, why do we have to Zoom for something that could be an email?” Zach Meet ’22 said. 

“I’m going as myself when I’m hungover. Everyone knows not to speak to me when I’m hungover,” Sarah Hang ’23 said. 

“I am going as a giant Moodle logo. I made my costume myself, and I am sure most of my friends will understand why it’s so scary. My motto for this semester is that I can’t be failing if I don’t check my grades,” John Skul ’21 said.

“I’m going as my student loan papers. Enough said,” Will Pay ’21 said.

“I’m dressing up as my boyfriend when he loses Among Us. That is a terrifying person and I don’t ever want to see his alter ego again,” Amanda Red ’23 said. 

“I’m just going to wear a t-shirt that was a dollar from Walmart and draw three black circles on it and be Three Hole Punch Jim. My girlfriend is going as a cat because Pam was a cat in that episode,” Jim Halbert ’22 said. 

“Maybe if I dress up as my friend Jake, my girlfriend will actually want to hang out with me. We’re not doing too good right about now,” John Johnson ’24 said.

“I’m going to be a ‘meal’ from the caf. We can never stop calling attention to what is happening at the University, and I know everyone will appreciate my costume because most people are too scared to get food from there or avoid it entirely,” Dana Bost ’22 said.

I hope these helped you figure out  a good costume for you or helped you figure out that even when everything is going horribly wrong and classes are killing you and everything sucks, at least you aren’t John right now. Or Jake. Or John’s girlfriend.

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