Students willing to overlook flaws in exchange for companionship

Elyssa Penson, Contributing Writer

Over the past year, dating in college has done a complete 180. It seems as though students are now dating for companionship. Weird, huh?

Personally, I think I could definitely use the additional social interaction. I talk to my Bluetooth speaker so much, it’s become my best friend. Which is good I guess, cause we have the same taste in music, and my other friends won’t jam to Kesha with me at 2 am… ‘cause they’re laaame. But it’s hard to meet someone new, so I’ve been playing phone roulette and hitting up contacts from old group projects. Sure, the selection isn’t great and I know they lack any intellectually stimulating qualities from my time collaborating with them, but I think everyone is at the point of ignoring a few minor personality flaws.

I think that it’s important to accept that we all have our quirks. Sometimes, I like to watch Netflix on silent and narrate the subtitles in my own weird voices. I’m just saying that in my mind, Gossip Girl sounds like Shrek.

I’ve also recently come to terms with the fact that I’ve been living like a nomadic houseplant. I drink like two gallons of water a day and take aimless walks around Market Street, just to get some sunlight. Then, I get super cold and whisper to myself that “things will get better in the spring.”

So, I think that we all cope with this lack of companionship in different ways. For instance, I’ve been tricking my roommates into holding hands with me. Luckily, I’ve learned to play this off as a lingering high five. Sometimes, we’ll do this little shuffle thing where we’ll all bump into each other in the hallway, and I’ll misread the situation by going in for a group hug. Then, I’ll make it worse by going for the chest bump. Apparently, we’re on different comfort levels there. It’s okay, though, because, in keeping with the theme of this article, we overlook each other’s flaws, and isn’t friendship the best form of companionship?

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