How to cope with losing your favorite Super cup

Bridgette Simpson, Satire Co-Editor

At the University, an important part of the student body’s culture is attending Super, a party that takes place on Saturday afternoons. Students begin supering immediately after they have recovered from the wild Friday night, and ends with drunk Dominoes and  infamous post-super nap, which lasts for about three to four hours depending on who you ask and how much you drank.

When students attend this glorious event and holy grail backbone of the school year, it is important to note that they usually take cups that they don’t care about just in case they get lost or ruined, since Super is a very muddy endeavor. 

Usually, it’s a leftover Chipotle or Panera cup (I’ve even seen a couple Chick-fil-a cups and some from Five Guys, but those are the kids just trying to flex on everyone else) in order to reduce the risk of ruining a nice cup of yours.

On the other hand, though, some kids (mostly girls) have purchased a couple-dollar tumbler from Walmart or even found at a previous party to use for Super. This is a Saturday staple, and the day just isn’t the same without your cheap plastic tumbler. So you can imagine how someone would feel if they were to lose this cup.

“I don’t know how I lost it,” spilled Sara Tumble ’24. “I put it down RIGHT next to me when I went to the bathroom and now I can’t find it anywhere! I might just go home because it feels like my hamster died or something. I’m just so upset.”

Her first mistake was putting it down in the first place, and her comment on it feeling like her hamster dying is accurate because losing your Super cup isn’t exactly like a monumental loss, but it just really really sucks and you will probably spend a few minutes reevaluating your life afterwards. 

“I lost my Super cup at the end of my second year and was never the same,” Dana Spill ‘21 said. “I literally think I cried because I couldn’t find it. Lucky for me, I was able to remember that it’s just a cup and I’ll be able to replace it quickly.”

Spill has the right outlook on this matter; if you lose your cup, it’s easy to replace and will only cost a couple of dollars. Which is why you should NOT take your Yeti to Super, under any circumstances, ever. Speaking from experience.

Spill then informed me, through tears, that she had lost her second cup by dropping it during the Saturday festivities and someone stepping on it. Again, rookie mistake. That cup should never leave your hands or your sight if you want to hold onto it for as long as you can.

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