Girl With “Be Kind” in Instagram Bio Launches Heinous Diatribe

Thao Nguyen, Contributing Writer

Our beloved Kim Jonston has been caught in a firestorm after a recent Instagram live comment ignited controversy among friends and colleagues. For those that do not know who Kim Jonston is (which many of you don’t, but I surprisingly do), you will probably know her through her Instagram account “kimmyjonston13,” whose bio famously admonishes the visitor to “be kind”, but in a font that’s something more along the lines of “?? ????”. Witness accounts confirm that, in fact, she’s really not like other girls.

If you still can’t identify who kimmyjonston13 is, she is that one girl that would repost her recent Instagram post and put a sticker that says “LMR” over her face, in which everyone must tap on as they are eager to see what kimmyjonston13 looks like. She is the girl who would share an awareness post for a social movement like Black Lives Matter about once a day, following up with an endless amount of posts of Chris Evans in his white cable knit sweater from the film “Knives Out” and writing endless paragraphs about how much she loves him. Either way, you should be able to distinguish who Kim Jonston is.

Jonston13 has been the subject of particular ire for her comment in her recent Instagram live. In this Instagram live, she and her friend were doing their makeup while talking about their boy problems and such other things like Chris Evans. However in this talk, her friend said that she does not like Chris Evans. GASP. That set off the trigger within Kim – “You wouldn’t get Chris Evans anyway cause you’re cross-eyed.” So much for “be kind.” 

After making that comment, Kim received backlash from two of her 2000 followers, prompting a ‘statement of recognition’ on Instagram live the next day. Wearing an oversized sweatshirt, no makeup on, hair in a messy bun, Kim was sitting in the corner of her lavish room. She said something along the lines of, “I understand the hardships of…” and “I was just trying to…” while simultaneously wiping away her non-existent tears with a tissue, without uttering a single apology.

As Kim danced around her apology, we’re just glad she’s not making fun of our dancing.

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