University Fashion Week Features Staggeringly Different Takes on Day Drinking ‘Fits

AJ Lawrence, Contributing Writer

With the semester kicking into full gear, it’s natural that social activities would be doing just the same. The constancy of day-and-night partying, and the continuation of rare warm fall weather, heralds the appearance of the student body’s best drinking outfits. Day life and nightlife call for different apparel, as everyone knows they are two very different events; however, while night looks tend to be fairly cohesive between the ladies and gentlemen of the party scene, the day drinking outfits students wear have proven to be a rather different story. 

Girls here at the University seem to be holding onto summer for as long as they can, still wearing the most recent warm weather trends for as long as is physically possible. Many have been seen sporting the popular Princess Polly dresses and tops, pastel colors and flower patterns on puffy sleeves and short skirts, all while trying not to spill their drinks on those beautiful (and overpriced) outfits. Pair them with practical sandals or a nice heeled boot and you get a modern take on those beloved Free People looks that we can’t get enough of. In the end, the shoes don’t matter as much as the dresses, since the former will get ditched the longer the day goes on anyway. 

Moving onto the boys… while the looks are solid, there is a lack of “pizzazz” compared to the girls. We frankly aren’t amazed with the fashion the boys tend to model – it’s the same as what they wear any other time of the year. The pants are of three varieties: chinos, basketball shorts, or jeans (that being said, I am happy to report that it seems jorts are appearing with increasing frequency). And even though most opt for jerseys, Hawaiian shirts, hoodies, or no shirt at all, there is a bit more variety in the upper-wear department. One group of what we can only assume are theater or goth kids, for instance, have been seen wearing lovely Victorian ensembles. The shoes continue to lack luster with sneakers, crocs, and loafers (yes, even while wearing the aforementioned pieces) being, naturally, the most popular options. 

With October swiftly approaching, we can only hope that these partygoers will get more creative with their looks, but chances are slim when; it’s very likely, after all, that they all own the same cable knit sweaters and University hoodies for when the time comes. But we hold onto hope, just like student Reene Burger does when she told us that she “had to change looks halfway through a party” when she found out five other girls were wearing the same dress as her. Sources say the other girls did the same, and three of them ended up in the same secondary outfit anyway. So maybe we shouldn’t have so much hope.

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