Top 5 Halloween Costumes That Will Leave Your Peers Asking “What the Hell?”

AJ Lawrence, Staff Writer

Well everyone, it’s that time of the year again. Homes and lawns are being decorated, stores supplying anything you need, treats are being bought and made and our favorite warm drinks are reappearing in stores. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, it’s not Christmas yet, it’s Halloween! It’s time to watch scary movies too late at night and ask strangers to give you candy. And most importantly, it’s time for Halloween costumes!

Now, everyone wants to have the best costume at a party — one that will really make everyone stare, one that people will be talking about forever. Or at least until next Halloween. So I’m here to give you the top five Halloween costumes that will really make the people around you ask “What in the world are they wearing?” 

5) A sexy animal. A classic, the trademark of any Halloween party. But I challenge you to go further; do something exotic, less well known or even slightly outrageous. Let’s see some bison, blobfish, maybe even a Mothman if you’re feeling up to it.

4) A favorite teacher from past school years. Could be from any year or any school, from kindergarten to even a current professor of yours. It’s always a bonus if someone recognizes the teacher you are.

3) A Knight of the Round Table. We all love Arthurian legend, so you’ll be the life of the party when you show up in a full suit of armor.  You may get a bit sweaty as the night goes on, but it’ll be worth it for the glitz and glam and all the challenges to duels you’ll get. 

2) The number two. Full of curves… arguably the most attractive number out there. 

1) Any inanimate object, but get as close to looking like that object as possible. You’re gonna be a microwave? Then you better find some cardboard boxes. These costumes should make someone think of “The Beauty and The Beast” ensemble in “Be Our Guest.”

Try to get creative this Halloween. Everyone around you should question their own costume, and maybe they’ll take inspiration from you for next year.

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