Innovative: University brings in comedian instead of hiring more therapists

Aaron Chin, Contributing Writer

Today, mental health awareness is rising at an unprecedented rate. With countless student groups and organizations dedicated to helping students manage and articulate mental health issues, the University is very aware of the mental health of its students, and they are always looking for new and innovative ways to help students fight their mental health battles. This is why the University has just announced one of its biggest plans yet.

The University has just announced that it will be bringing in Craig Fungi, one of the world’s most famous comedians. Why bring in a comedian, you ask? Lenny Jokester, president of Comic Operations at the University, has an answer. 

“We already have an abundance of resources here,” Jokester said, “and isn’t laughter the best medicine?”

This new and innovative way of combating mental illness has sent shockwaves throughout the University. “I love Craig Fungi. His jokes are so funny, and they make me laugh so hard. They’re really no joke,” One student said.

“His shows are always a lot of fun,” another student said. “Fungi always makes sure his shows are fun.”

All over campus, posters have been popping up everywhere of Craig Fungi. While many of the posters just advertise the event, some have taken a slightly different approach. One poster shows Mr. Fungi, who is normally very skinny and small, as a strong and muscular war hero with battle armor and a sword. At the bottom of the picture are the words, “Help me win the fight against mental illness.”

However, not all students are excited about Mr. Fungi’s upcoming campus visit as some students somehow got the idea that it is up to the University to fight against mental illness. Unfortunately for them, they are comically unaware of how expensive campus therapists are to hire. 

Luckily, this project shows that the school is really here to help students one laugh and a dozen ignored calls from the Counseling Center at a time.

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