University prepares for cultural melting pot following the return of study abroad students

Thao Nguyen, Staff Writer

Study abroad students are ready to come back for winter break and the University is ready for their return with an event that consists of multiple sessions for students that did not study abroad, preparing them for what is yet to come.

One session the University is hosting is for those that have to face students that are returning from Spa— I mean España. The main focus of the session is to know the perfect length of time to roll your r’s as we may think that those who have gone to España are doing it for an unnecessary amount of time, when in reality, we are and have been doing it wrong. There will be a complimentary timer for those that still do not have the timing down.

Every student has encountered someone who has studied abroad in España and specifically visited Barcelona. I hope you read it as “Barthelona” or else they would chastise you if you read or said it as “Barcelona” with the “c”. In preparation for that, there will be a session where a Spanish professor alongside a student who went to España and will most likely take over the session, will teach you how to properly pronounce Barcelona once and for all. At the end of the session there will be a complimentary face shield to protect you from the amount of spit you will receive when they say “Barthelona” with a heavy emphasis on the “th”.

Along with having to hear, “I can’t explain it, you just have to be there to experience it,” and “you’re missing out on it,”  many students will have to face those who would occasionally “slip out” a foreign word as if it is their native tongue. To brace ourselves for those moments, the last session of the event will teach us the foreign words that the study abroad students love to throw around so we will no longer have to ask them what it means. Unfortunately, there is nothing to be given out at the end of this session as the University has spent it all on the face shields and timers. 

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