Ten reasons why you shouldn’t hang out with people who are still active members of high school friend groups

AJ Lawrence, Senior Writer

For most students, their favorite part of going home for breaks is seeing high school friends they had to leave behind. Seeing family and having actual good food can be nice, but meeting up with those friends that saw all of your highs and lows from your early teen years can be even better. 

But, have you ever seen those larger groups, the ones with more than five people but always are an odd number? Groups that look like they get along really well but there’s always something disjointed about them? 

Those groups you should watch out for, but not because they’re bad people or anything. It’s that they were all high school friends that grew apart in college where they made new friends, but now at home they only have those old friends that they don’t really like anymore to hang out with. So, the most obvious thing to those groups is to find increasingly crazy things to do with their time in hopes of it feeling like high school again. So here are some reasons why, for your own sanity and sometimes safety, you shouldn’t hang out with those groups. 

  1. They could be doing something illegal. Nothing drastic, probably just trespassing at most.
  2. They’ll most likely go partying or clubbing, wanting to avoid conversations getting awkward. But, they’ll probably silently judge each other’s drinking habits, creating a less than stellar atmosphere.
  3. Cult stuff. 
  4. They’ll all actually just go on their phones the whole time and not actively do anything. 
  5. These groups are very likely to visit their old high schools, probably searching for whatever glory or recognition they had held.
  6. They could be starting a study group or a book club, beneficial, but a boring and weird option for a break. 
  7. They’re gonna go work out together, do a big run or something. Bonus points if they did the Turkey Trot over Thanksgiving break.
  8. They’re planning to take an extremely large and unplanned road trip that you know won’t go well. 
  9. They’ll meet up for photos and not talk the rest of the week.
  10. They won’t actually hang out at all, only discussing making plans but never actually making any.
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