Bucknell downtown parties halt, students forced to actually attend on campus events

Juliette Gaggini, Satire Co-Editor

On Jan. 6, the Borough of Lewisburg suspended issuing social gathering permits for University students for 30 days. Soon after the news broke in an email from the President, students put their heads together and decided they had to get creative with their free time this winter.

While permits for off-campus parties have been suspended, on-campus activities are still in full swing. Many students decided the best way to deal with the less than ideal situation is to actually start showing up to campus-run activities, whether under the influence or not. 

Last Friday, the CAP Center hosted a Bingo Blingo event. A record-breaking number of students showed up, creating the need for an overflow room for participants. One student allegedly did a keg stand in the overflow room after winning a single Bison Fresh smoothie coupon. Another student committed “Bingo fraud” – Public Safety was called to mitigate the dispute.

On Saturday, every single restaurant within a 30-mile range of the University had a line out the door composed of hungry students that did not know what to do with their Saturday afternoons. One group of frat brothers reportedly swung at a townie while in line at All Star for not wearing his mask over his nose.

On Sunday night, comedian Pete Davidson came to campus for a Q&A session with students. Davidson, unfortunately, did not acknowledge the University’s standing and prestige as an Ivy League – as DJ Diesel, AKA Shaq, had declared last Fall.

Every single University student attended the event, many in hopes of leaving with Davidson at the end of the night. Even so, a strong majority of attendants were there to meet Brent Papson, the guy who sends all the emails and introduced Sal Vulcano from Impractical Jokers. An astounding number of people attended the Q&A in their Skims outfits and left the event feeling inspired to stay in school thanks to Davidson’s words of encouragement. As the wild night neared its end, students went back to their rooms and scrolled through Yik Yak for hours. 

After a busy weekend of going to events and barely interacting with their peers, many students got back in touch with their hardworking academic selves. The library is reported to have been a COVID-19 hotspot this past Monday, as students were packed in like sardines.

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