Pete Davidson: hot or not?

AJ Lawrence, Staff Writer

This past Sunday, American comedian and actor Pete Davidson did a Q&A set up by the CAP Center here at the University. University students submitted many questions for Davidson to answer, ranging from asking about his career on Saturday Night Live (SNL), a show that only people who think they’re niche watch regularly, to his personal life, which students didn’t care enough about hearing as many left early while he was talking. The comedian answered the questions in his usual fashion, even cracking a few jokes about Lewisburg’s weather and weekend activities for students.

However, there were many questions students had that they were unable to ask. What does he have against Lehigh? Does he drink milk? Why doesn’t he like black beans? This event made me ask a question of my own. But it’s not one that Davidson can answer, it’s a question for the students of the University. 

Why do people find Pete Davidson hot? 

This is something many have debated for a while, across the internet and especially locally on Yik Yak. Davidson’s visit to campus prompted many to provide their own opinions on the online platform. Many say that his natural charm and comedic talents are what make him a catch, and many also enjoy his laid-back style. Then there are those who enjoy that sorta sickly-Victorian-child-turned-punk look he has. 

It’s those comments that surround conversations of Davidson’s attractiveness that make it hard to understand people’s stance on the topic, but everyone has a type. For some, that’s a guy who looks like he would be the only human in a Muppet movie – for others, it’s not. For some people it’s his tattoos, while for others, it’s his ears; they’re so pointy, maybe his next animal photoshoot should be with vampire bats. They would certainly go with the tall, pale and dead look he’s got going on some days. 

No official surveys have been done, but talk around campus and online heavily suggests that most of the women who went to the event went to see Davidson in person (likely something about his attractiveness), while most of the men present were hoping to glean some sort of understanding of what could make them more attractive in general. The audience was unable to ask such questions, but just from looks alone, the key seems to be: be attractive, be tall, have lots of tattoos, stay out of the sun and don’t sleep for several days. 

All in all, Davidson is a good guy with a good vibe, but he just also happens to look like those haggard Scooby-Doo villains from the 1970s. And that is just the type of guy University students are looking for. At the very least, we can say that in The Suicide Squad (2021), Davidson was much better looking than The Weasel.

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