Letter from @glassofmilkbucknell


To Whom It May Concern:

This is @glassofmilkbucknell, live and in stereo. Since I began this account back in November of 2021, I have been able to unify the anti-milk community on the University campus. Allies are finally able to send in proof of the most unforgivable action on campus: milk drinking. Friends, strangers and enemies alike are exposed. None are spared from being held accountable for their heinous actions. I have united almost 600 people through a shared disdain for milk.

With that being said, it is understandable that I sometimes come on a little strong in my captions… but can you blame me? Over the past year especially, University students have proved themselves to be quite resilient. Party bans won’t stop them from finding ways to escape the stress of schoolwork, so why would an Instagram account dedicated to exposing milk-lovers stop them from suckling from the forbidden juice. Day after day, week after week, the DMs continue to roll in. Bucknellians are continuing to enjoy milk at an alarming rate. The Caf, the Bison, dorm rooms, apartments and even the great outdoors are some of the locations where such a disgusting action takes place. There are quite literally milk-lovers everywhere you turn.

Why, even with the success of this account, does this action continue to occur on campus? Why does it seem like drinking milk has become a symbol of rebellion, a middle finger to the establishment? Am I now the establishment, or are my ideals only a vehicle for the message of rebellion to be broadcasted to the masses?

The fear of being caught on the account while secretly enjoying milk has been communicated to us quite a few times, which serves as insurance that we hold at least some authority over the rebellion. If we can maintain this momentum, I believe we will be the generation to successfully stigmatize milk consumption.

Our options are running dry while the University’s milk supply is not. This letter is a plea to those still left of our frontline defenses. Help this movement eradicate milk consumption on campus. Take pictures whenever you see it in any form. Take discrete pictures of strangers who are oblivious to their actions. Take action and be well.



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