You’ll never believe it! Student shocks crowd at talent show with incredible trick!

Aaron Chin, Contributing Writer

It’s no secret that many students here at the University have amazing and incredible talents, so naturally last week’s Talent Show was a rousing success. Hundreds of students showed up, packing the auditorium to support their classmates during their acts.

There was a wide variety of acts at the show this year; the roster consisted of everything from singers to a flute duet. But the most shocking act this year came from a magician by the name of Melvin Van Gloom, one of the Universitys many international students.

Van Gloom is a sophomore here at the University. Of course, sophomore not only means a second-year student, but also “wise fool.” Prior to the show one of Van Gloom’s peers, Susan DeLonesome, approached him with a request.

“For your trick, can you call my boyfriend on stage and make my boyfriend’s love for me disappear?” she asked. “He’s so arrogant, and I just don’t really have a love for him anymore, and he makes me feel lonely.”

Van Gloom, the sophomore, said “Of course. I can make anything disappear.” The auditorium lights go out, and Van Gloom sits backstage, anxiously awaiting his turn. Act after act goes by, and after about an hour, Van Gloom is called out onto stage. It’s showtime.

Van Gloom’s first trick goes rather well; he does a simple card trick to warm up the audience. After that, he addresses the audience. “Is there an Aaron Gant here?” he asks. After no one answers, he says, “Aaron? Aaron?”

“I’m right here,” Aaron says as he walks up the aisle to the stage. He climbs onto the stage, and the audience cheers for him. Aaron waves back sheepishly, and a shy blush comes to his cheeks. Van Gloom takes him by the hand and guides Aaron to the center of the stage, positioning him right in the spotlight.

“Now, you’re in a relationship, right Aaron?” Van Gloom asks.

“Yeah, I have a girlfriend.”

“Well, I have some news,” Van Gloom the sophomore says. “She doesn’t love you anymore.” Aaron is stunned by the news, and even the furthest audience member can see just how upset he is. “And when I snap my fingers,” Van Gloom continued, “you won’t love her, either. 3…2…1!” Van Gloom snaps, and Aaron’s upset face turns to one of relief.

“Wow!” he yells. “It worked! It really worked!”

The crowd roars with applause as Van Gloom yells at the top of his lungs, “HE AND HIS GIRLFRIEND DON’T LOVE EACH OTHER ANYMORE!!!!”

The crowd chants louder and louder, cheering “No more love! No more love!”

Needless to say, this year’s talent show was a major success!

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