PSafe starts daycare for frat boys

Siobhan Nerz, Senior Writer

Recently, Student Health has been inundated with frat boys who stagger up to the front desk with symptoms of headaches and sensitivity to light. Medical professionals have smartly been prescribing their patient’s plenty of fluids and sunglasses. However, this influx of frat boys has put a strain on Student Health’s resources. Thus, the university has come up with a more permanent solution to support Greek life on campus. 

Last Thursday, Public Safety opened a daycare for men in fraternities. The free service is being advertised all along fraternity row. It seems from the posters that the daycare seeks to provide a safe space for men after a long night of festivities. For this article, I took a trip to the daycare and interviewed some of the boys to find out about their experiences. 

I learned that the new daycare provides top-tier nap time services for tired boys. Cushions and warm fuzzy blankets are provided for hourly “sleepy” time. However, the boys are welcome to bring their own items of comfort, such as stuffed animals. For the boys who may feel uncomfortable sleeping away from their normal bed, the Public Safety officers will cradle them in their arms to replicate the feeling of being hugged by a fellow bro. Phil Landers ’23 explained that his “pre-nap cuddle with the Public Safety Officer fulfilled his longing for human touch as [he] failed to find a companion the previous night.” 

In addition to nap time, the daycare provides the boys with drinks and snacks. Some of the drink options are warm milk and apple juice. Many of the boys are wary of the drinks due to their low alcohol content. However, Dirk Moore ’24 said that the red solo cup that held the milk was “familiar” and “comforting.” In addition to drinks, Public Safety offers white powdered donuts. Some of the officers have caught the boys inhaling the powder off of the pastries. In response to the boys’ confusion, the Public Safety officers have been seen cutting up the donuts and hand-feeding them to the boys. 

All in all, the daycare seems to be a helpful addition to the campus as it keeps our frat boys comfortable and enables them to continue their activities that contribute greatly to University student life.

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