Breaking! Majority of Students Suffer from Spring Break Withdrawal

AJ Lawrence, Senior Writer

It’s been a fast two weeks since spring break with classes, sports and other campus activities kicking back into full swing. Students are busy with all sorts of assignments and obligations, and everyone is preparing for the end of the semester. Time will fly and soon it will be summer break. Students are certainly excited about their upcoming freedom, but it’s hard to finish out the semester when so many are suffering from Spring Break withdrawal. 

A middle-of-the-semester break is always nice, letting students catch up on sleep, or even work if they care about having a productive break. The escape from school and work routines is a blessing and a curse, as spring break frees us from our schedules, while simultaneously running them into the ground. Students, whether they went on fantastical vacations to sunny beaches or exotic resorts, or they just stayed at home the whole time, loved at the very least not having to go to class every day. But now that they’re back at school, they’re mourning the freedom they’ve lost while desperately searching for things to bring spring break back.

Amidst the normal Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night festivities that have already seemed to double in intensity after the break, supers are even wilder than before as they start back up in earnest as the weather gets sort of nicer. Alcohol permeates the pool, covering the infamous houses’ fencing so much that one would think beer has just been poured into the street, and reports say that some of the music could be heard all the way over by the Seventh Street Café. And for those who don’t go to parties (even though this applies to the partiers too), students were laser-focused on trying to fix their sleep schedules after becoming nocturnal over break. That becomes a moot point when they also have to pull all-nighters to get caught up on any assignments they should have worked on over the break, and many still opted to skip early morning classes the first few days in an attempt to acclimate their bodies to the University environment once again. 

It could be said that the smartest of all the students recovering from break were the ones who didn’t leave campus in the first place. Whether they stayed because of a job or sports practice, the ones who stayed didn’t have to deal with travel stress, planning with family or relatives that may want to see them, or adventures their friends wanted to go on that could only end in disaster. These students may feel sad about missing out on fun things spring break brings, but in the long run, they’ll benefit from the calm, albeit creepy vibe that an emptier campus brings. An added bonus for them is being able to laugh at all the students complaining about how the weather ruined their trip to the Bahamas or wherever else they were going.

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