Bison Sound event displays newest hit music: Yodeling

Thao Nguyen, Contributing Writer

Last Saturday’s Bison Sound Music Festival was a huge success, not only because of the food trucks and its timing right after Super, but because of the student performances. Ranging from classic rock covers to jazzy rap, nothing could top the last performance– yodeling.

Many students are aware how popular yodeling is nowadays with the trendy yodeling dances and some songs hitting the Billboard’s top 100. This must’ve convinced Brent Papson to not only allow yodeling to be played in-between performances, but to include a yodeler. Not many people can yodel, but we luckily have one student who can yodel – Yode Le ’22.

When Le performed his newest single, “Yode-Le-Hee-Who?”, his yodeling had filled the field with students – half of them drunk and half nearly in a food coma. One student, who was so drunk that they thought they were at Coachella, screamed, “YOU WERE LATE LAST NIGHT BUT I STILL LOVE YOU, JACK!”. Although Le did not resemble Jack Harlow one bit, the drunk student still loved the yodeling as did many students as some of them began to crowd surf, making Bison Sound a low-budget Coachella event. Although Bison Sound was not Coachella, we did have a yodeler.

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