Swae Lee plays song backwards, reveals something shocking

Aaron Chin, Contributing Writer

Last Saturday night, singer/songwriter Swae Lee performed on campus, and it was a huge success. Many students showed up to the event, where Lee performed the song “Sunflower,” that he wrote with Post Malone. However, there was a hidden message in the song that truly shocked the audience.

Apparently, there was an error in the backing track/instrumentals for the song in which the song actually ended up playing backwards, revealing a hidden code in the song. Students who kept their ears out were able to hear some shocking lyrics.

Readers might remember that last year, there was an article in this paper that revealed exclusive evidence that President John C. Bravman — the “C” stands for “Crimefighter” — was indeed, The Batman. Now, after last Saturday night, more corroborating evidence has appeared. 

For example, during the first verse of the song the track played the incorrect lyrics, “Needless to say, he keeps crime in check/Bravman’s The Batman, nevertheless.” Furthermore, during the chorus, the lyrics were changed to “He leaves crime in the dust/I know that Jonathan Crimefighter Bravman is secretly The Batman and I have irrefutable, fool-proof evidence.” 

However, Lee didn’t even appear to notice the changes, and his lip-syncing still stayed perfectly on track with the distorted lyrics.

It is clear to see that this story is on par with how “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin is actually a message of satanism. But this story just keeps on developing in its own right. After the event, many students questioned The Bravman, but he was unavailable since he threw down a smoke bomb and vanished into thin air. Things got even more strange when Bravman’s PR team released this cryptic tweet: “@SwaeLee I saw what you did last night. There will be repercussions.”

But one more question remains: how would Lee have confidential information that would prove that  John Bravman is The Batman?

There is one popular theory that students are buzzing about: the song “Sunflower” was written for the film “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.” Students are speculating that Lee, since he wrote the song for the film, actually has access to a portal that can transfer him to alternate dimensions, just like in the film. If this is the case, then this would give him the needed edge to get confidential information on The Bravman.

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