7th Street Cafe has big news!

Moira Weinstein, Staff Writer

The Seventh Street team strikes again! 

The Seventh Street Café has continuously surprised us with their new and improved milkshake flavors, many following the trends of the season. Fall is just around the corner, as one can assume by the décor in the infamous café, and no one is more excited than the milkshake drinkers at the University. Not to be mistaken with the MILK drinkers, which are rightfully frowned upon by the entire community and formally banned from Seventh Street by President Bravman himself. 

Nevertheless, we are seeing an uptick in bizarre new flavors on the menu. I guess the furniture isn’t the only thing they’re taking risks with! Aside from the OG flavors like White Oreo and Strawberry Banana, and even the seasonal ones such as Caramel AppleFrappe, new milkshakes have been announced this week.

First off, we have the peach charcoal milkshake, made with real charcoal blocks, for those days you forget to brush. Super convenient, tasty and nutritious! The Seventh Street Café is always looking out for you. Whether it’s helping your breath or providing colorful cushioning for your derriere. 

Next up we have the cotton candy Celsius milkshake, which most Seventh Street-goers are particularly excited for. This sweet, energizing drink is for those folks who got only 45 minutes of sleep last night. Like Celsius, the baristas add caffeine to the blender, in addition to the cotton candy flavoring, some ice cream of course and serve it up with those unnecessarily long paper straws we’re all so fond of. Unlike Celsius, however, this unique shake has 800 milligrams of caffeine, while one can of the energy drink totals at 200. The convenience of this is wonderful! First, you save money and a trip to Giant, and you save time by drinking four cans of Celsius and having to run to the bathroom seven times during your BIO lab. 

The goal of the dining team here is to make life easier and fuller for their students. They understand that you might not have time for a trip to the bathroom or the dining hall early in the morning. Just stop by the Seventh Street Café, and for just 40 dollars you can have the drink of your dreams! Their new mission with the cotton candy Celsius flavor is to add excitement to your life. Ever since Brent Papson downloaded YikYak, the staff and administration have been made aware of the lack of motivation on campus, reading a lot of anonymous comments, like “the cycle of working until Friday drunkenness is getting sad.” 

They decided to boost students’ adrenaline with these new flavors, hoping that it fixes the issue, which it probably will! This Monday, head down to Seventh street for one of their new flavors, and maybe even take some time to try out each new chair. Trust me, it’s worth it!

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